gut /ɡʌt /
▸ noun
1 (also guts) the stomach or belly:
the terrible pain in his gut.
▪ Medicine & Biology the lower alimentary canal or a part of this; the intestine:
microbes which naturally live in the human gut.
▪ (guts) entrails that have been removed or exposed in violence or by a butcher.
▪ informal a fat stomach.
▪ (guts) the inner parts or essence of something:
the guts of a modern computer.
▪ (guts) [with modifier] used to form names attributing negative characteristics to people:
what’s the matter with you, misery guts?
greedy guts.
2 [often as modifier] informal used in reference to a feeling or reaction based on an instinctive emotional response rather than considered thought:
I had a gut feeling that something was wrong
trusting his gut instinct, he went ahead and made the call
I could feel it in my guts – he was out there, watching me.
3 (guts) informal personal courage and determination; toughness of character:
he didn’t have the guts to tell the truth.
4 [mass noun] fibre made from the intestines of animals, used especially for violin or racket strings or for surgical use.
5 a narrow passage or strait.
▸ verb
(guts, gutting, gutted)
[with object]
1 remove the intestines and other internal organs from (a fish or other animal) before cooking it.
▪ remove or destroy completely the internal parts of (a building or other structure):
the fire gutted most of the factory.
2 British informal cause (someone) to feel extremely upset or disappointed:
it guts me to think about what my mother and brother missed out on
(as adjective gutting) she described the ruling as absolutely gutting.
bust a gut informal
make a strenuous effort:
a problem which nobody is going to bust a gut trying to solve.
laugh very heartily:
his facial expressions and ad libs were enough to get audiences to bust a gut.
—— one’s guts out informal
used to indicate that the specified action is done or performed as hard as possible:
I’ve worked my guts out to get where I am today.
hate someone’s guts informal
feel a strong hatred for someone.
have someone’s guts for garters British humorous
punish someone severely:
if you breathe a word to anyone, I’ll have your guts for garters.
(as) rough as guts Australian/NZ informal
lacking in refinement or sophistication:
the housing was rough as guts.
– ORIGIN Old English guttas (plural), probably related to gēotan ‘pour’.

People since ever with rare exceptions, tend to gather in couple relations, to form families, to work for them no matter if the planet will blow up due to their jobs. Societies have not had great humans but there was Dr Albert Schweitzer, Dr Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Newton, Tesla, Nietszche, Jesus Christ as brilliant minds and some others mainly men. Some had families but most of their time was for humans,most of them was murdered by humans like Giordano Bruno.

There is in our days, social emulation and the death drive which is like a runner against his own fear of death, to be fit in body but the body therapists tend not to use reflexion but mind techniques to combat stress of all kinds. No one had felt those men. I think that people never heard or understood themselves because they bodies with their brain do not fit.

About Reich, life paths and fanaticism

Reich known as Wilhelm Reich could not predict among his mighty human efforts that humankind would be exclusively working for the benefit of money either in Germoney or down in all countries where the leaders of societies which are known as petulant children trown into rigid arguments, acting as blind monkeys and neglecting the origins of life or the future of life and not only of Earth.

All other psychoanalysts could not show nothing except Lowen who was soft and kind and Dr Morton Herskowitz which I could feel his Orgonomic transmission into the following generations but what it took place and alike all life paths, things took a fanatical stance where rare beings, blessed by nature , had to defend within the money structure in order to make a counter attack into the perception of a null horizon like alcohol.


Mom is a brave woman which acts with her heart and uses her force of nature to cope with life. She has few patience but she acts kindly socially with some people, she has social skills, fought hard to have material things, retirement and knowledge like Esperanto, yoga and sowing. Always had made many sacrifices for her parents and me and some other relatives.

She sometimes is miss understood but I have to understand it.