Provisions for the future

Rural spots such as the sexual life of insects, conduct the esteem perusing at the land and mitigating the smooth feeling which answers to the windy spirit known as work. The impetuous alliance upon world citizens conceals emotions in crowd acts but sometimes masses are moving by influence and go with the flow. Rivers know the mystery something in the shape of energy, this fountain of hope obliges all conducts to survey the immanent love as demand of natural needs. There is something near the window where I stood to perceive my garden from a room where my father has put me in to learn about introspection and to prepare my smile upon the holly words of the inner speech, hours and hours as recommendation for adventure. My adventures have took me into different hours, I among others, we used to dig deeper in dynamic creations often ending in love making or mountain climbing so much before from our rooms where we have had created the provisions for the future. No one has died from it in memory, we were going where the confessions of energy would shine forever but of course the glorious lanes were calm friends of pedestrians like feelings being in motion with the limits of what secures attention. The disposition of my generation intercepted the activity of a deep violet scene, we had white wings and we danced like ink answering shyness, like an eye game played endlessly with selected aspects of generosity into the world.