Señor lector

The Greek model of tragedy has many modern intoxications like the death of Robert Henke, a young goal keeper who was very good friend of animals; he played in SLB Benfica, and then he depart into his country, Germany where he found its destiny. In Portugal he lived in Sintra, hosting many dogs. I had myself written self-letters from Sintra into my house in Lisbon, I used to ask the man who sold fish for one paper note of 500 Escudos and the round trip ticket to catch the first morning train from Campolide Station, had the cost of 360 Escudos. There I took a double Portuguese Coffee (in common language is known as (´abatanado´) which had the cost of 140 Escudos and was wondering around the forest for hours. One morning I was passing and there was a marriage on a small chapel. Someone told me as I was not a guest: ´He is a Poet!´ In 1997 I used to go every day to the National Library and in one Coffee Place, one man told me, ´You are a lyricist´. Also in that year I used to take the first morning bus into Costa de Caparica where I am now, to smell the Ocean.  I found on my wooden box, a diary from a Chilenean lover: Tanya Heymann, Lisboa, Portugal Junio 2000  Lisboa se hermana con Valparáiso, nada y todo que decir, es una ciudad realmente bella, romántica, pálida. Imposible no sentarse a escribir.
Rio Tejo Partiendo. -Noche  Romper al agua, todo escuro y tan brillante. Un ojo mi mira Y yo me doy Y dejo darse-me Esta figura tan fina, Elegante en tremendo dolor Me recata Y me hunde. Naveguemos. Alexandre Señor lector: Una invitación Simple más grandiosa A ser los amantes Más grandes que se han visto, En tiempo real comprimido Más tiempo poético y eterno Otro día y la intensidad se agiganta, Me deja casi sin respiración
If I did not had the life, I would miss her, said the General to the Prostitute, said Peter Falk by himself on what he left into the world on his movies where he solved crimes cases without using violence and my tribute to Mr. Falk. I set my self a position where I stand alone facing the future or eternity in one hour, taking notes of existence after a long journey with people and like Siddhartha who went to seek and he also had returned, like his father had predicted, telling the river metaphor where Siddhartha finds himself in his last days with his good friend from youth.  Here in Santo António de Caparica, South of Lisbon, where in the place I am living, ´Irmanadora´, they have a kick boxing dojo, where their gang, killed one person nearby in the forest that was between 1991 and 1994, where I have been living here. No one was sentenced; these murderers are free and training people to kill, just 100 meters from my house.  I could trace my childhood memories where I should be protected from the outside world and why? Because I was taught to believe in people and what happened? I was raped and abused. Nowadays I had to stay away and stop sharing my liveliness from people, because they kill me, like they kill anonymous and not anonymous people. History on this matter has a large number of casualties.  Also I must repeat that people are afraid of my face to face performance and they all escaped into the movement of fascism where it fits many of the universal plastic people, like futilities as Facebook, Assange, which only him can decide what shall be published but even like this, he has an important role in the discipline of truth concerning information, Google who wants to control more and more and I and others, set the huge

task of liberating the children from this world where the good, the trust, the emotional health can be felt naturally. The phenomena taken from my energetic field has been also a perpetual misrepresentation of truth and that unites people in a bad way. The mission of children and who thinks and does not think on them and where some people have sex with them in a free way from both sides, some people create walls to indoctrinate children into money, into strict obeying, into the forced believing on they are told either by their parents or at school, even in Orgonomy, only their pedagogues can take part on the social time with children.