The information provided in the acculturation of social post adaptation is spent with thinking strategies, cause a society with fantasies produced in the media, for a fast consume and where the body clock is confused as a flash to suit in pictures of walking in the spoken dim of a foggy idea of how to fit inside the established chaos which is not anarchy cause anarchy is organization and the choice is simply to catch time when the lost loved body, lives in you, time after time, waiting for the concentration in him and for him taken as an outlook of the predictions of naïf philosophers, like this supply of a series of certain fertilizing items in a methodic system made of thinking and established in the escalator of the body.

The dream of eternity within the intemporality of being mortal in every scape goat of existence casts the idea, if one should present life in present time aside the real feeling that one life inspired other lives.

The way in each of us in the shining glimpse of the deepness by seeing your life being the essence to the other is a reward that shivers our bones to the turning point of achievement in realization, produced by the hands that balance the little nest where we fell to repose as leafs as life to be read into the quietness in the cosmic sense of existence.

Affection is a candy nerve that needs to be caressed like a nipple in the heart of contentment.

One thought with wide distance to the words of any life commencement is a spasmodic teardrop and everybody wants to find the same approach who defines the landscape where sunshine is painted in the best portrait of the perpetual finitude while there is an appealing sky to attend in the love act between the reading of nature and the rise of beauty in clean white souls.

Nothing remains forever and you can come to this event with cherries and a red towel to stand in the grass for a pick-nick where the darkness turns blue as I see you running to the sunny days of the world´s infancy.

We were born as we felt in the first feeling of silence to be here and appearing to cry our steamy energy.

The frequency of irradiating moods is heard on the laughing lines of the character, either in love or in hate. Hate delivers emotions to the heart of destruction with all it was said and done in order to unite the irrational with the unique aggressions thrown in the social environment like crimes and stories of the possessed in the living theatre of absurd but if lucidity comes at the time of acting as instinct of peace, then feelings will be tender like the long fidelity of silence.