Poem for the Jeeser train

  • Here it comes Alexander and Avenue, they are a view which rises from down below into the unwritten world of the skies and the skies can see this from both views where there is a feeling which signs the figure of Alexander and Avenue under and above the skies. These two beings are thin, they are a melody figure, living out of your space but inside many spaces; they have the majestic will to uncover many fragments of all emotional incomes by holding what is a dream and what is real, though they exist together like humans and all avenues paraded in and out of the skies. That’s why sometimes they clean their aura with the best nature way of saying I am the cosmos. Will you dear reader, allow yourself to look within you and inside the questions that makes your soul to have the shape of a double rainbow? The musical feelings from these beings feel with hope the prolific good pore of living, a good breathing stage of discharging the energy based on the character with a sharpened move of the poetical body as the cosmic language is spelled by good things. Alexander can make the sun from his mind which its skull has curled hair and the legs of a knight. He tells to his twin sister, Avenue, to embrace the lonely orphans of this planet and they feed some people with a strong guiding will in order to cover the human and the cosmos with the natural kingdom of a solemn flying and the floating beauty is the time where the orphans have found their sunny day with a sunny smile, even in cloudy days and cold nights, because the warmth came to refresh the spiritual stage of wisdom across all the streets and all the roads where there is light inside the home of our hearts. Olives had kindled light for centuries. Alexander knew well this type of light, while Avenue was appreciating this kind, after many years with neon light. In between all the lights, there is one that never goes out and that is the spirit in the skies as birth of life. Well Alexander and Avenue went out to seek the gain of joy among with their will self of character, like the seventh dream of a teenage heaven with love and wondering stars. All journeys have their poetry, mainly because it concerns life as she is felt in our travelling souls and that is the meaning of an honest sense that is enduring the splinters from so much seeking. The good flying horse, is taking the wonderers into a higher music where these magicians of hope are embracing the refrains in order to appeal to the good movement of the sacred melodies from what it exists on the imagination of children and giving shape to all the rainbows in every playful event where silence is the ascending sublime time in the presence of the beauty with a movement made by the souls at the time where the pieces of the skies are shining on and on. Alexander went with Avenue to wonder and to seek on the world and their inhabitants with great respect for their existence that by good or mean ways, they could learn and present so much later, if there was dignity in the living signs of all the organisms, being mental, as matter, as body with different shapes and wishes. The will self of being inside all that exists lies at different tempos and the organization of ideas in all aspects that is known and unknown lies by setting time to think about them. Even with unfair traits like stealing the voice into the big science of silence but on this case is a cruel fashion and not the decal of the nudity as we know her by giving birth into many feds with few inspiring movements of two things: the moral beauty and the discipline of truth. On this aspect, humans tend to steal in many ways and the work of Alexander became a silent vulture with music as the lifting voice of what was left as legacy from distant generations. This is the work of a guarder which must ascend into the skies with the generous and brave look all around the avenues with the big one, being centered in here as the guiding process of inspiration and never as a manual. Out Space life surely is surprised with human complexity. For example the biological realm that makes from this specie and his natural function a view over the color of money, a view that cannot enlace the physical reality of a cat that doesn’t need to warm up before climbing into a tree, while humans they have to warm up for everything. One plausible conclusion is that life on Earth is sponsored by small blue things that enter into the realm of an exhausted existence and no Carnival can bring the magicians of hope into the danger that was built in by fear. Why? Because, dear reader, there is surely a prudent way of listening an echo splashed with a well input of the voice being introduced to prevent the explosion of routine. With the knowledge of being critical as result of performing what speaks louder within the seasons, if the color of money or if the colorful face of a child that shows herself rebel, meaning that she didn’t lost her critical spirit. The meaning of critic is a shortcut to purity. The laces of dark faces can be felt by observing this sick form of absorbing a reasonable idea. A loyal figure leads the letters from lovers and rebels like the white pigeons from the houses of hermits who love as children do. A distant prudence is taken as virtue with hidden truths because all secrets from love bonds need the guarders as ego helmets. The body cannot endure all tasks and loyalty in humans can attract life with great respect with the critic in several roles such as of bad parenting or the hierarchies all over the population when being young or old has myriads of dichotomies and sad ones because institutions are like slime at the fresh feet of the seeker. The naked gender in here is the safe pore of sanity which lies on the accurate fight against fantasy, triviality and the toy lands which are far from having signs of grace. Then it’s up to you reader, to awake, read, think and fast on the way to establish the necessary melody around your sunny day which shall be sponsored by signs of vitality whenever the rebel songs enters in the ages of ancient lutes, somewhere where the skies can be visible in the gender of conscious. The necessity of life is the decal of what is untamed but organized by the infinite logic paths of the Universal vivid reality sustained by her immeasurable existence with important living organisms to pay a higher respect. The surveying of dangerous beings is in the hands of the primitive hermits either in cities or in forests like in Thuringia, by organic farmers, in the chain of nature, in the galaxies. All interact with the respect taking emphasis on the justice issues either in fascism, religious nonsense, money media, criminal content of mandatory laws: all these presences are a practice of living but we own her as Adrienne Rich is a Poetess and her words mean to respect life, that’s the aim of a spiritual approach as time also approaches the advices from our ego as he his one friendly ally of every time the dust is untamed by a bad organization of interacting. The best answer is to work in a regular basis, making draws on our emotions that are seen in the body, watching the benefits of Orgonomy when she understands her role as guiding processes to liberate all that is mandatory and that concerns the first, the last and the semper of us all. A crucial care lies in the motion of the organization of time according to the natural beauty of something clean and like a dream, belongs to the realm of warm feelings at the time our eyes meet the income of a changing care in our lives and that exists in the inner conquer of a prolific wealth because, dear reader I am still fond of you. There are primitive reasons as safe guarders of dreams but not in the hands of pedagogues that are the social drinkers of the warfare of a pale fear that harass the way minorities have as their inner being and secular heritage are a friendly wisdom. All that can be felt towards the world’s shivering by the laughing tale of the enemies of the medicine I am presenting. Alexander was worried with the decadence of people on their troubled paper money heads and had to postpone his childhood that was in care of Avenue as she is a sweet thing to count with. Both were working hard as the motility of societies, were trying to silence the voices which have their sensitive aims in real danger. Minorities everywhere you, dear reader, will know in the fetus of your body, in the banks of the modern canals where an uncertain providing of goods, don’t know how life can be felt by the reservoir of a warm, spontaneous human love into the eye contact with the urgent hours of a beneficial future. A lifetime dream lies in accurate decisions with a regular basis of thinking over these facts and what it can be obtained, is so far, the delivering of a good progressive critic by taking the consequences on our egos by giving life signs as a prolific inspiration into the world as we know him. To the justification of this time, the pleasure in all its seriousness with an immanent sense in the whole circle of all bright soft illuminations which are a vital source in our lives, lie in the platform of solid horizons which are the accurate ascension of the sublime we build every time the gentle wind comes in to procrastinate time in what concerns the awareness of life as should be taken in respect and dignity. That’s what Alexander felt while he was emerging on sleeping while Avenue was providing the basic warn signs into the magnetic auras that were so far from being graceful and that made stronger the integration from all the creatures in worry to catch the stolen breathe on the world which is turning the screws on people’s expectations of what could be a pure form of living. Human triumph used to suffice and Alexander and I, enemies of this truth, had the pleasure to infer it with a predisposition on the eventual wolf in the breast from a kindled moon’s light where the eyes are in care in the seek and believe as a edifying seed of every human need. Fear is now preparing to go away and you will be on my jacket tonight, dear reader, because the sky is open to be watched from one leaf as a bird knows how to hide and seek around the trees with little ways of belonging to the magnitude of a sweet geography like the one who maintains human hope and the honey shape of it as it should be tasted in our table with great content. Once seen the beauty, once she is well as art of a calm attention where an indigo virtue is a principle of esteem by obtaining her spirit. Love comes along like merit of the origins that compose the zeal in praxis of the double in us and the one among the union is the best harmony within all imperfections. We are the other as flexible example of our perfection by touching and stopping inside the pure repose of beauty. In the plausible awake of life cycles towards the constancy that death is like the fear from the lack of the pure love unity in our lives has the meaning as a continue act of existing. Settling time can and again seed the poetical outcome of the reality of life and death, in short, we can apply the fact that all the radical journalism has its role in the sense that all exists as concern, as feeling and the wrong misrepresentation of life means deaths in many ways of introducing them. You can live with no political bone but you are responsible for a passive voice on the radical acts that mean death and in honor of this escaping, I can only awake and repose on my poetical bones that have the honor in zeal to warn the cycles of existence that a rejuvenation from the psychological deaths can be achieved by sleeping with a virgin or with a child (with no sexual attachment). The gymnophobia (fear of nudity) is an example of death. We can inspire on the mythological figure of Aesculapius for the settling of a moral rejuvenation in all that concerns pureness in positive standards of bringing information and once taken, we can think, learn, extent her into the origins of life as the great design of hope. Coming back to the good of our health and the work upon the majestic skies which are the mirror of the sea and maybe the presence of nudity in its pure life form, as a friend waiting for us to keep smiling under the orange color dawning because the movement is on our shoulders. Birds are much more wise and why? They know freedom and humans never knew this concept, therefore the necessary display of nature to exemplify the simplest aspects of existence that is so imposed by means into an end. I brought this from a morning coffee at a coffee place where the mandatory work brings plagues and had paid to watch the deadly chains of societies just on the last day of the first decade of the 21th century. So where to find hope, shall we wait for how much more decades of mandatory plaguing as pride in it’s the best shape of stupidity as hope sponsors this item as a saying. So never say goodbye but listen and learn with the best poetical examples of flying kingdoms as a good lift to the next sidereal time. The spiritual mirror of thought is a well prepared conviction at every transitory distance from the life we feel, leading a nursery desire in the dance of all cordial feelings that become clear like a moving and caring expression of a delicate plume, whispering a friendly passion towards our love conclusions based on the core of the mighty open nudity of the ego. The refrain of a balanced heart caresses life by generosity and a interposed confinement of it with the good vision in it, is work being managed for a beneficial adoption of the sage. Being recommended for any chain of thought there is a good credit of prolific life narratives as we paint our peer people as lovers. The festive course of daily ascending elaborated shrines, have the affection of everything that is an interval of motion, thought here as a poetical being kept as saving of the working democracy. In magnified difference there are lines of ideas as immaterial devotion on it concerns the genome that in our delicate organisms, are the vital voice of a good and profound regard of a social regeneration. We can attract the edge of our forces with the dressing reality that explains the twin penetration of the humble ally of the drawing plan being made in the distance that has manners of privilege which can be a moral minority seated to remain as silent lovers. The passion inside the origin of profound silent facilities, are a mutual agreement from one being to the other as accepting the merit of uniqueness. We can wish and desire as also not to act in order to use the profound being of flexible splendors around the purity of all infancy of the skies. This is the look of a beneficial movement that rises from silence into the interesting wonders of the Universe. The poetic roar of vast impressions, belong to the speech of freedom in consensual recollections without authority towards the other. This position is a solemn motion as persuasion into an open and sufficed chapter of life being dressed in practical places where we dare to fit in respect. Then the living was sleeping, hollow was the crying and the emerging talent from the warm ways from nostalgia into the consensual future along the world’s best virtue whereas they can send their eyes in here as a visual recognition of all of us in struggle. Alexander and Avenue made a Poem for the Jeeser train,
    As I lay on the wooden bed On the top of a thousand books I smoke and think The hermit is working I am in my peace Suddenly the train arrives It whistles and my thinking whereas its there I take time to think about this train About the driver and the ticket woman I wait and sustain their thoughts on me Then they depart And I whisper them into my thoughts Oh what a wonderful morning train!

     Eduardo Alexandre Pinto