1989 by Eduardo Alexandre Pinto


Postby Vizir » Sun May 06, 2012 3:53 pm

When I was 5 I had my first sexual impulse with a girl at the kindergarden in Lisbon, I refrained myself to play with her because I knew I was going to be punished. At the age of 7 I was forced to go to elementary school against my will, I cried in the first days, then I said to myself that I would chose freedom by intuition of time and it happened. At the school, I introduced sexuality, we the kids were in close touch with our genitals and kissed everywhere at the same time we were oppressed with education. During the 6 years I spent at school I was the best student and athlete. I had respect from all the people of my hometown or most of all, one man, tried to abuse from me at a eletric train, I got rid of him. The historical background of Portugal at that time, was a big sum of social misery while the cowards from the April the 25th of 1974 Portuguese Revolution came back from abroad, they stole more and more as it happened in my family and this is why my parents thought I could help to recover our economy by having an academic degree. At high school I created my freedom, everybody had respect on the heritage of the land, where I belong through my wild temper and since 1986 till 2010, I spent my energy saving lives, more than 100 000 persons, including all kind of animals living in Portugal as well as trees and stones. In 1989, there was a tremendous energy in Lisbon; I met Fakkakboy in that year, seeing him in the spring of 2008 and briefly in the winter of 2009. Many historical things happened in the year of 1989 worldwide.
Expansion is necessary while contraction is the body-mind emotional reaction being an imposed resignation not aware by the masses due to the subtle propaganda through the media and at the streets by the consequent generating social emulation.
In the 21th century I was at close contact with prodigious children both boys and girls but and alike me, we had to survive with money and were forced to abandon our tallents by working for the state squad. We are all in close contact, publishing books, painting, sculpting, making music, theatre, ballet, fashion or cinema; culture as hidden paths speaking at the public and all we can do is to spend our time, organizing this chain of lust. Sadly many young people, died during this process.

Eduardo Alexandre Pinto