Critic on James DeMeo

DeMeo an american geographer devote his time to the legacy of Wilhelm Reich has interesting references towards knowledge. A fanatic behaviour upon the righ wing policies dethrones him from the seriousness of the things that Reich has left us. For the research work, security is necessary, therefore the authorities of force. I think that he should review his position on the working democracy concept and to explain why the Cloudbuster is not used in dry áreas of our planet. With the feeling of natural love, DeMeo could propel more love than hate. There are subtle ways of explaining the currency of the emotional plague in everyday life world wide.

I recommend some authors from the list he presents and some devices that are good.

Eduardo Alexandre Pinto


The intimate portrait of feelings

Some pretty nice company living in our world calling into the majestic logic of our royal body with a sense that faces the mirror so in care of the nudity that stands so well in the intimate portrait of living. When by an excess of generosity upon the growing appetite for life, the light goes as she truly can go: in the quiet horizon from which diversity sponsors every human trick that reads the quiet murmur along the induction of the young strategy in connection to survive.


Dear sightseeing, have you seen the hermit lately?


Oh, yes, he´s been walking all day from one extreme of the city into the other, that´s how his body stays young, said the compared reader.


Loving goes with the parade of it and now it takes one more pillow to hold the skull of the Good Giant from SL Benfica that had passed away yesterday, José Torres. Camus was a goalkeeper; he said that being so it was a school for him.


Wise courage versus fear of death and we can undress a feudalist form from its portrait showcase of nothing to give into the calenture standpoint view of existence; we feel too much under the inner voice of the immaculate ego which has been living against a natural realm of his evidence, counter evidence and evidence, in order to achieve the discipline of truth. This is subjective but the natural kingdom of life as it came, with dust and stars, brought into the daylight: men, women and children as well as animals, stones, trees… The pure element of the free spirit can exist with a diligent mind to endure the road of acculturation during Earth´s History which is the actuality on each level of war and peace being singular or plural and life choices were taken; something was our 21th century heritage. I can understand the virginity of each of age being abused. The young age of the spirit is often under a fire that makes our attitudes less responsible injuring even silence and the primal scream of a natural rebellion should provide a fair, kind and warm nucleus so that during this love, we can extend him into the decision of providing new lifeblood into the trees as well new oxygen to ourselves in order to understand one hermit, one worker, a community, the fog, insects; the subsequent circle of any age, could smile a little by the gain of a fresh joy since people know that autism and hyperactivity could be two distant lands, but no, the life fresh fountains whispers gently into us that we are all part of the awake of new evidences that belong to the self mastering aspects, therefore to learn by the differences that makes us aware by the mirror of the other and that is everybody, everywhere.


For the new born children whose eyes are vivid for an ultra healthy future if the birth is made properly with few medication and bring the new child aside the mother and here I quote Dr. Elsworth F Baker about the ´Ideal Birth Conditions´

The ideal birth would be one that was natural in that there would be no medications used to



sedate the mother and subsequently affect the child. Those assisting mother would intervene as little as possible and allow the process to go forward in natural way without the labor being rushed or forced. The surroundings would be conducive to comfort and well-being for the mother and she would be allowed to walk around and to assume any position that’s comfortable. She would have her baby without a great deal of medical intervention and without the current vogue of electronic monitoring that all too often only serves to impede the natural birth process, and can lead to a Cesarean section.


The moment of birth and the period of a few days shortly thereafter are the most critical and important moments in an individual’s entire life. It is essential that this time be handled well to ensure the best possible outcome for the baby. So certainly the birth process should be as natural as possible.


The cord should never be cut until well after it has stopped pulsating. Immediately after delivery the baby should be given over to mom to continue the contact that is so necessary between mother and child. The placenta will usually deliver by itself and often only then should the cord be cut.


What is actually done now, however, what is the usual hospital practice, is just horrendous. It’s the murder of life as Reich called it. Taking the child, handling it roughly, taking it away from mother, putting silver nitrate which is terribly caustic and burning, into the child’s eyes and then carting it off to the nursery to be bundled and stacked up with other children under harsh lights. It is just horrendous.


There are few situations that would necessitate the separation of mother and child. If mother wants to be with her baby, and is at all able to do so, they should be allowed to remain together.


The contact between the mother and child, is necessary to keep the child in energetic contact and to keep the aliveness and biological pulsation of the infant intact. If the child is separated from mother he’s going to feel the separation, go off in the eyes, and become contracted, lonely, and frightened. We see that in the nursery where babies are lined up, screaming in terrible discomfort. And of course, baby can very quickly give up, withdraw, and go out of contact. Therein lie the seeds for schizophrenia, depression, withdrawal and the other psychological or medical illnesses that will follow through the individual’s life.


The mother and child should be together as long as they can. If a woman must undergo a hospital birth, the only purpose should be giving birth, then the mother should check out as quickly as everything is determined to be okay with her and with the baby — preferably that that would be within hours after the delivery.



The diminishing of the actual Earth´s tensions that will meet in every beauty from our hermit´s voice, the well prepared event made by this voice, which is made of our tensions and that will induce the shame of the games we live each day. By breaking the structures from the economic alphabets into the understanding of the dichotomy between the good and bad, the directions will be a fair provision for life. An erectile desire is visible even in the chosen seeds that are away from that dichotomy, as neutral as reason and painting a picture of a real possibility to dry the body tears by going into the fair emotional truth. The reward is the fall of the locking key and the levitation of all Good Giants at service of E Pluribus Unum. The Croatian word for bless (bleso).