What I think is that it is only the humanity who is responsible for it misery and a little organization with the intelligence of the heart is enough to diminish 90% of its problems. But it is not so. Make rain in a region where there is the present organization of society, and you will have the same misery, moved into wage labor, prostitution or other. Abuse in childhood is the first thing to solve … yes, I know, you have to have good conditions for parents to make this possible. This will be parents to put in adequate conditions for them for to raise their children in good conditions. There, you can help them, but not by dropping the rain! This is when parents organize themselves to live the life they want to live and their children too, that the world will change, not by dropping rain because the greening of the soil will be immediately exploited for commercial ends, not human. It’s not me that hard, it’s THIS world!

The technical means are not difficult to find, they are VERY easy to implement, but the policy, the policy blasted with bands of looters, military police, parasites, prevent the use of simple and inexpensive technology … to let the multinationals that pay policy. It is a problem ! We put the drought in Ethiopia sour on behalf of El Nino… and El Nino is a dramatic effect of human activity.

On the other hand, interfere in the great whole atmosphere is delicate: what we take here, it is removed elsewhere. Deserts are essential to the balance of the planet. We would certainly control it with vegetation, but here is a human terrestrial activity, not from the sky. In fact, instead of make rain, we must extract the DOR some part of the globe, and that’s not the same! After the DOR is withdrawn, the moisture comes with the orgone and it is this moisture that grows plants that, THEM, attract rain, regularly. It is therefore necessary, first of all, stop producing DOR: WE MUST STOP WORK TO PRODUCE DOR, pollution, heat, chemistry, electromagnetism and radioactivity. That is why we must start doing !!!


Written by AC Orgone