“Navigating the social desert, the emotional desert, this is a true wilderness for which no device like the cloudbuster can make any breakthrough. The social desert was created by the emotional plague, and is dominated by it. One has to proceed carefully, like walking in a swamp with crocodiles, who worm their way into vital social organizations and institutions.”

Written by James DeMeo

Excerpt from one of my books


To be constant along the high tonality as life in construction of silence it is in the merit of holding what is difficult and to extend the will eyes of wisdom into the pure splendor of time with a good observation of the unseen. The profound differences in the world make engines of exaltation, like a fishing area to be seen properly with a the tender heart in practice to take the pollution with humble sacrifice and to give birth to the moving feeling which takes spirit into the virtue of giving the right heart approach to the clean contentment of the organism in relation to everyone and everything.

There are important assumptions of truth regarding what people should do with the heritage of wisdom.

To have an original life means that humans reached wisdom, because they worked above oppression and released something from the former tension into stallion actions, not as patriarch but as will to discover among eyes and lips, the exact change of giving into life as potency of peace throughout the daily awards conquered from a prudent distance and then all things that pass are in the hands of reflection, which is a good exercise in the maneuvers of building organizations from complexity into simple and factual original truth in societies.

Men and women, who delivered their authenticity into thinking, were invited by their essence to accomplish for a lifetime the good proposition to question life. Life could be measured but it can´t and the measure of our dreams, is on the segment of the virtue shelter which brings calm to the unquiet minds along one worry inside the living conscious. The best mass approach on their structures have their meaning to certify existence as unique if thought as original, so those brave men and women were exception on the exercise of a safe architecture and from where you can haunt the virtual unreal world.

Linearity in the faithful trust inside the fair people means courage that was built with affections tendencies or generous will to give into others, their conquer of the essence that can be lost amidst the course of agressions but if you answer with agressions you are in a fight, is valid, you claim for justice.

Justice between the fair is taken care like delicate petals from sensitive minds which can disappear from the common people which are not naked in the face of adversity but into naked materialism, these are the actual humans in here, the world´s market to expand irrational barriers for the construction of alternatives to organized things in our journey inside the life of existence. Existence has life; it’s a sense of being like the libido with complete fulfillment.

The awareness by knowledge is not the same as having wisdom. Is a truism that should have place among young readers who look for something inside books and try to create from them and while they don´t find their own voice, should be patient like a Martial Art student with the Master teachings to reach the black belt of self control on the way to enlightenment.

If the student has headache he can relax with tea and meditation or any dynamic relaxing way to calm the rush from the need of success which is plebeism and if he can repose his belt will no longer be white.


A human without name could be a form of origin if the appreciation of the being, would come from a mutual consequence of distraction produced by fragments of accomplished merits coming from ideas in love with a open will in the heart and which studies the youth in every subtle splendor of pureness by correspondence in a war with words in motion and with the future in this presented thought.

Space is a right to himself, humans squat the fool idea of private possession even with people which are agile enough to answer for their rights and the free areas where silence is a happy reputation to stand and give homage and rest with force as a necessary relaxation by affirming peace with the practice of conquering imagination on the origins of every human.

Shining from delight the new blood of moving an organized liberation to have access in the areas of space and swearing to the day that the new dawn promises the functionalism of what is evolution if this thought is reasonable as choice that doesn´t spin around the headers of strangeness.

The morning sounds with birds singing in good condition as example of freedom in strategy to inspire.

The inspiring directions of freedom have own body to become a part of existence, being body or producing for evolution from the body but not as an ascetic condition in the name of evolution. Each body needs another body to evolve with, like the birth of tragedy seen as the savage reality to be lived by moving people into pleasure and away from the cruelty that she attends. It is not a therapy but a natural direction from the essence of living.

Perhaps existence can be felt as too long, meanwhile my heart thinks in beating studies like feelings from lovers and producing like nature does.

The nature of simplicity with talent to build the identity of the growing passions for existence is also a virtue because it is listened with the unfold direction in the integration of stability.

Frank disposition to observe some knights which have sharpened hears for the inner aspects of their voices in long auditions to the visible impressions suggested by dazzling contemplation of the out space arriving in the solitaire eyes for the solid understanding of perfect feelings.

There is always a radiant outcome of energy in existence, now we feel it as life, when existence shall have an end, and then some kind of another mystery wonder will be appear as different in the direction from the Universe history in her tense fragrance.




Unspecific opening vivid source with large immensities and diverging in the specific unseen virtue of understanding rhythms with no exception, so life it´s an exception to accept if her essence is taken as magic realism that has the face of magnitude in matter and in living organisms.

Sufficing as explanation of everything and never as mystery, life appears with generosity interacting by practicing surprises like a children being caught in a circus game, so it´s a funny little way but giant every day.

To allow everything in kindness with the subtle notion of justice when you are asked about fairways from what is made in the seasonable waves of the climate which moves in sane truths as evidence of spontaneous organization. It´s what would be when people are free, not to break these chains but to love the ways which balance our daily thoughts for affection, economy, safety, health, work, under the surveillance of the 4 pillars of philosophy.

It´s not sad and not sick to think in suspicious ways if you are under a massive attack because you are trying to dry human eyes before the scientific sun comes from somewhere, so these truths are love which means a healthy mind trying to defend natural needs by thinking what I feel as human.

Stretch out from eternity with a simple posture of the body motioned into routine and the body becomes invisible because it is simple and longing for a laugh with the comrades who shout against obscene education from the porno industry for example, where these organizations pick men, women and children, by whom their poverty is a way to get profits and supply the sick needs of those people which involve tricks for a strange light that shivers the political bones for those in need of real love and pure sexuality.

So a mighty love has pure stream bonds away from sickness but with the will to heal illnesses from the mind which will go into natural body actions and needs to have the fair human conditions to work for the benefit of the good life locomotion.

A good reaction in the mind is to fight back what is seen in conscious therefore to resolve the ascetic life of a rigid mind if the opening thought of the traumatic silence can create the new freedom in the life of the mind by questioning with reasonable taste for prolific results in the pansexual life relation.

Move life for high rich poetry when misery keeps body hunger in the don´t stop sophisticated public control by computers and the police in our heads doesn´t want to see the use of wisdom in the framed locomotion which can stop the engines in the necessary shifts to have a brilliant kingdom of stars. It seems far away but things move fast like ice melting in the walk of sunshine for a thousand ignorant immunities in the hands of population because they had chosen to fall into concrete economic places and never into the right side of grace. The lament is evident in the warm soul which never rests like an innocent children being adult but taken care of the little boy in the mind and playing for the best of life.


Arms open wide in the forbidden canal where nudity will swim like comets for every enlightenment of the minds across the Universe in close contact with human brightness for brave new starts in the out space and is never too late to think and act inside space with the correct use of energy in the mind, therefore terrestrial life could be more than a wasteland if the sons and daughters of the cosmic open doors would know how to be seen by some genius activity in passion for them.

What to wonder around a longing fear when the untold thoughts take what we got by false rewards in the ego and that could be the feeling of power by driving a car very fast with the deathly consequence of stupidity all around the pavement where simple creatures lived before, so they were adopted by will to power, tough these little societies are so much more powerful than any government decision that spin the spells from the inside. There are quiet places to live and breathe work properly with or without people and the little societies equally have the right to spell their charm and away from fanatic organizations in their favor, cause they are wiser. All human relations have life within time and away from the measured chaos in modern human society. Time fits in free associations and always integrated in the good expression of sympathy as in the heart of any expressed constant life presented of what could be the mirror of peace.

Trust between friends from the remarkable memory shown in time by tender beauty, expressed in smiles. Acts of love are kept in the deepness of the rolling energy being kissed back and belonging to all the comrades in good statement of what was lived. Life runs deep in time to this sweet angelical mood that looks for life moments as a flowing melody covered with warmness.

To a candy house where the sleeping is enough in quality and the awake happily free like a love dream.

Wax and wane for warm inventions on the waiting known knowledge to serve the stars in our eye for the calmest sensations, not alcohol neither drugs but hands on the treasures found on the peaceful souls.

Nothing is measured in exactitude in human life; there is a biological function which yes it can for good of the body. To go for the fair sense of unlimited sources of turning pages like nothing that could be something, then abstract could become a immaculate dream on the eyes of a dimension where the skies surf over our actions and then we could think about going ahead of the written lines about life, which is to surf and live more than words at the time we are living, like a life duty that must be felt or it will not work, the mission tissue in the body of reason.

Admiration for workers who think in good strategy amidst the international abuse from the origins of life by taking the population into another way than the place to stay and that is the heart. The emotional hate seen trough the days where wars are still present, far and close, the truth is a deep origin that is trying to ease the pain and to be a friend. Life is kindly lucky to laugh and humans still on the alphabet song since the sorrow from minutes till the messages in a bottle, all illusions had their future and it´s certain that all can be felt to fulfill the essay of releasing the free energy inside each of us, therefore to fulfill the book of dreams in every driving scene seen on the road to a concrete mass therapy over the absurd cause life is still a ball but not a game to play each day.


A body grows according to some mental idea from the in and the outside. Can become strong or agil at the time that conscious works to integrate into the life, as a muscular type or brain type but always life draws upon the origins, it´s a good metaphor for any established idea of what it is reachable.

All adventures starting in silence have a self joy of work in the doorway of passion.

If thoughts are as fast as shadows, this means that the changing’s are a part of the natural environment and the more you live the more you learn in the conscious changes being made by a high degree of neutrality.

The reasonable thinking in the lifetime relation is the feeling of being a box with magic resources that can surprise more than we expect in the lifetime, if the good relation in us, attends the factual start of something outstanding and very far away from absurd. Outstanding because we somehow in sacred acts like feeding a poor emigrant as history as shown, we are feeding admiration at the eyes that will seek for the same kind of heart in an long walk; still a scent of liberty that everyone can feel outside their homes and their roots will be as fresh as a solved puzzle with exclamation in the body and somewhere who sings for future tries it at every place where liberty reads life with good Essays to be felt in every request from the heart.

Listening to the living reality like a personal magnitude field guiding thoughts to inspire life and all the blues turn kindly into electric feelings as inspiration concerns life as a direct sense to creativeness in the diversity of life´s equilibrium.

Lifetime is being and being is like the good scent of trust around every peace reality.

All the times people are close they feel the most of what it stands and what should be ethic in the spoken vacancies of the body for the love and to understand the naked way of standing, people should be digging the heart´s offers for who goes in, then people got it all in those times compared with these who were called as memory of selfish dreams and wars came to collect the seeded cruelty. Everybody wants to go away in languages as if it was a Christmas tree picked up in the quiet forest which gives people oxygen to restart the body in fitness and extend freedom as result of the good shape of body with time to go for all with a giant taste of health and pureness.

How being is been lived in life? A willing echo rant of acts which had brought sorrow and smiles with her poetical recreation in others on the graceful soul that she seeds to collect closeness.

With her around I got the good swaying truth being a new clothe to undress when me and her we got it all by a mutual arbitrary look over this prolific giving birth. The true seeker around any mirror can observe how faces accept involuntarily life at the time of a melody played for lovers and the relieve comes like a bird on the way to the seven seas and in fact, the flying feeling equals what is inside an elementary founded truth, so the proper method of having us inside is by moving tenderness. It belongs to life. Exclamation by knowing that you are surprised that you still can be surprised, then try it with others. Face the daily mirror at like the cinema technique called, the American night and your own


movie scenes will have many requests to dance and to try new steps to understand why a leaf has peace on her noble repose in brought day light where the sounds shine and you can come too. Just focus your attention on the skies when you are thinking for yourself with curious eyes in the search of your twin ones.

Affection on the day we were made with counting days to understand why things rise and vaporize into the sky at time that everybody will have its day and that is the honest locomotion from the found energy rolling in pure ivory and saved from the hunters of our kingdom, cause until kingdom came there was pride in the name of life which is taking hard work to maintain. Seeing our energy used to be beside us and thus we are involved in captivating the right from wrong in the reading festivals of solitude among the crowd which tries to maintain their shape in gard like Stevie Wonder on the keyboards which sees music and saves her like the best goalkeeper seven days a week.

What makes us run with a complete heat inside the undone motions makes the fall hard to wish for, that´s why spending time in reflection is a holy sacred ground which in the use of discipline leads things into higher levels of intense satisfaction and again by methodic work like the clock on the wall, always right with the magnitude of time over what is listened to reflect and live.

Death smiles if the injuries are definitive or not but on this process you still exist to understand life.

Life walked in and she surely will spread her art saying, ´I was here´, ´you were looking for…? ´

Passengers of cosmic fortune, human life should be delicate in dialogues between head and shoulders and from them, the stars would sum a kind capital of unpredictable and inspired possibilities to go ahead in the name of every author which falls in love with the Sempiternal Pansexuality. To give all you have, the good and the bad; life will come back to assure that if you were away from her, you will heal in sacred tears, the coming back for the good of your health and that is by conquering stability in the opening world where your news are in the conditions to be read and make you awake to live in clear knowledge of what is important regarding the fresh combination of a mutual project with body and soul to fulfill and the way that you and life feel.


Farrar Strauss & Giroux and the Judas Kiss

In my dreams I was going with a female friend inside a shop, there she was going to be invited to have sex as I could perceive from the surroundings of that organization and after she kissed one woman on her naif look I was answered: 75 pages is all you have? It meant my last book to be sent into Farrar Strauss & Giroux which publishes Wilhelm Reich as well as his opponents.

“Who rules the world?”

“Who rules the world?” we might also want to pose another question: “What principles and values rule the world?” That question should be foremost in the minds of the citizens of the rich and powerful states, who enjoy an unusual legacy of freedom, privilege, and opportunity thanks to the struggles of those who came before them, and who now face fateful choices as to how to respond to challenges of great human import.

Written by Noam Chomsky