One Portuguese female Orgonomist

“Another resource on the plant growth-boosting effects of orgone energy needs to be mentioned, and that is the work of the Portuguese organic gardener Jutta Espanca. In the 1980s she wrote a series of articles for the journal Offshoots of Orgonomy, wherein she reported controlled experiments with orgone-charging of seeds, with very good results upon flowering and fruiting of a variety of garden vegetables. She documented these growth-boosting effects on garden crops more clearly than anyone before or since, including to show the effects of orgone-charged water. She also observed a second-generation carry-over influence, a persisting effect of greater flowering and fruiting among the progeny of the orgone-charged group, as compared to the progeny of the control group. Copies of her articles are still available in the original printed back-issues of Offshoots.”


Written by James DeMeo