Excerpt from The Sempiternal Pansexuality


Poetry made during the process of dealing with strong emotions among the days where being in front of these pages required high levels of concentration in a sort of hermit style or retirement to unify truth and knowledge.

A distant prudence sleeps in a sufficed northern windy spirit

Trough a long compel of marching waters still beyond consolation

And we are patient to awake at the sound of our mirror and from it

The course of nudity in passion around an admirable sensation

As curious is the return to the little words regarded as distinct

So gorgeous the commission in the struggle of you human print

Which I held with no exception in time for your beauty in soul

Myself a season in you, calls out the growing thinking and to be told

You can come in logic and try to wax and wane

The ligth which ascends from my strength in a solitary lane

The spring in Lisbon selects a kind and fresh attraction in sentimentalism

Being much of the feeling called upon your morning realism

Possible as splendor and to touch like a didactic society

Nature consumes what you produce and the conquer of energy

In my terrible working beliefs which are on the skies

To be in struggle with all the sum of gratitude which lies?

A certain perspective and practical tendency for the right to the best


The daring practice in our manners is the double playful rest

Desire appears like a composition of time When will you come in here?

Into the fine character of my tear

A single vivid source of company in exact delay Tempts the course of pleasant conclusions in this day I could cease to answer into my own as I shiver now Hope holds my tender body but how?

The measure of affection within your sincere excellence

Written as the children respect innocence by a warm immaterialism Why for some time the frequency of words taken in prudence Display the playful intellect in letters in the feature of impressionism In a future instinct awakened by a immaculate desolation

Sincerely in truth, the feelings read by the conduit of the blues

To the landscape of domestic thoughts seem to amuse the integration In every line of real souvenirs which are in love with both truths

The ample visit as habit of kindness acquires questioned eyes In terms of sharing the adoption of consistent memories

Every one follows what was seen under the essence of the skies


Me and you, placid to the external notion of mortalities

Lift feelings from chosen being in ferocious moods

Maybe some of them would and could be in our woods

Where the little ways hold secrets as impressions

From a resolved trait on the way to peculiar expectations

I manifest the solemn reflection of your gentle breasts As singular mosaics in sober marble as the cozy nests

In the curled leafs with entrance to embrace immensities

To every draw where anatomy conceals the ornament of solo duties I repose inside the depart of my mind at time for our contrasts
The body of a thought knows the wealth in which devotion casts

A similar constitution of awareness on every creature with language to confess The retired innocence attending what I caress

With much of trust looking for one heart in motion Truly as morning sounds when your words linger Over the chosen effort for this prolific kind devotion

In a evening loaded with the extended shape of my finger Printing in solitude the factual respect for your longing eyes Friendly as when you are on the journey into my own skies With full power to understand the appearance of the ocean Who lives with stoic voice in the nucleus of any emotion?


Noble tones to the liberty which you cheer as expression

In your woman´s delicate face from which I place my devotion With the touch as feelings do in vast prudence in my veins Make me claim to the reference in the friendship that it remains Now I dictate in my memory the attraction of our reaction inside The preparation to the visit from what lives so deep aside

The selected words which we delivered by anonymous reasons In the satisfaction with beauty far in here as in seasons

The mighty ego nudity by confession of the growing excitement Inside you and far on the way to the nipple´s contentment That you keep as lecturer of the admirable union upon grace

A quiet essay was my power to describe our puzzled trace In ways to order time and inside the sunset

Adjust the melancholy that you set

And I held in long observations with different streams Although they were identical in our questioned impulse dreams

A place we can stay is among the living suns

We can always go inside and with the logic of our sums


The world is orphan of the character and people wonder What it will be the stormy taste of a sempiternal thunder? But the moon combines the poetry felt as concern

We can shine to understand our egos and learn The songs have their walls of mystery for good Do you dance now that is all understood?

The preservation of duty as deliverance of hope Should be as serious as belonging into your scarlet bed By where some nights I was in us to cope

Directly in faith driving peace in your head

With a kind of theory based on adventured strategies A peaceful presence as occupation in the wideness And the contact in operating heat were lies our stories

It enhances from time to time the performance of sadness

Affection as substance equals the touch of wisdom In the tropic light that with sincere freedom

Carries the practice of genuine and vulnerable feelings Thoughts authorize the angle of harmony in best greetings It´s for the best of all vivid sources to be prudent

A lucid spirit with attitude to defend the intent Of some strange looks in our ways which we act


By volunteering the warm colliding idea in this fact

My predecessor hearts were natural inspired beings

In which their best instruments as duties to sharp feelings Where the kind care as answer to interpret emotional hate Now within the sowing hopes in the horizon of fate

Lead segments of all human exchange where thoughts have a begin Like me and you were a visible optic light going in

To refer the wish of undressed bizarre politics are in my hands

All now can comprehend the time to silent their strange commands

The body of respect intends to adjust a cloud into a waterfall The incoming of freshness produced by live gains

A happy place on humble increase of new sensations as calls To become the patient disposition to stand all future aims For all tomorrows to live as soft perfume in sexual skin

I can write my soul on a tempered ray on you by thin Fingers in comfort to sustain relaxation in pleasure With an excellent mind and body to keep as treasure

Rolling energy kept in

As you came to begin

The burning body

Kissing a crowdie


Fire in the end

And the glen

Finds calm

Sill I stand into our realm

The roar which exists in legions of sounds coming from societies who carry the ignorance of strange judgments indoors on the muscles of a humble human from which the work is a philosophical system for an athletic solitaire marathon half way to open the twisting laces painted in the violent behaving where now I live. To know that it hurts and to lay diplomacy under the anger held on the eyes waxing so much in concrete warm soul into the spontaneous humans which by random torments are placed in front of me and the nursing of these people is a sign that stops me to listen the cramps in the expression of the hardcore population who by mistake drag themselves into the pornographic display for public artificial breasts and penis which try to tease the natural being of dignity, here visible to fed the fads from which people hang their minds in their convictions which accumulates a dark materialism far from the front cover of the next doorway to this driver instinct in guidance of innocence.

Excerpt from A Deep Cosmic Calenture

Thoughts are a strong passion a kind of telescope that filter what my eyes kept in my memory,
I remember everything since 1975, when my parents went away and let me alone with my
grand-mother, I was 4 years old. My father is fighting the Portuguese colonial war for about 40
years in silence, my mother and me , just doesn’t work, I try to avoid a perfect wish to find new
people but seek and seek, for a safe shore, where the dock is the doorway to adventure, and
the wonders are my walks where I can fit with the life energy and by people I have knowledge
of what makes this statement a natural response to my instinct that cares to recover my
And yes I love the love, but put out of him for reasons that escape from dreams and they just
wax and wane on my journey to where the wind blows on my face and there is no absurd by
the need to be loved, my main concern nowadays, I am a human, I have the right to it.
The tears from the world injustices mean nothing for the steamy spokesman of the tricky part
where a symbolic Judas in the shadow, attacked me and still survived to think, which is my
natural resource on my ballad of the skeleton.
Hope you can cope with the stones in your heads (the aggressions from day to day life) and
think to rise and vaporise into the sky, where we get life energy and we can live there, when
the eyes are twin mosaics, like freedom and rain,
Turn blue, my friend, there is more than being silent with the world, even if the fun is also
blue, and the blues know where to carry the tunes and spread the pure element of the spirit.
The siren lengthens her tender light when the world tends to ignore the true love story tellers
but even if they flow in a logical way, they can embrace the face of Anne Sophie whom I
missed so much and she so tender or the bright speech of the gallery girl so close on her look
at my work, then across the strangers who talk about nothing and me I tend to be curious for
sunset and silhouettes, looking for not only the sunny side of the street cause she is the only
one I got and easy streets are not for me and coffee comes into the taste of 10 years of
isolation and Chomsky recognized how touching a poem of mine, at the time after her wife
passed away. Now I give information like thick beats with details in my memory and the drums
may sound speedy but the eyes will be good for the ringing sounds of the international
conspiracy of not want to know what is unknown like pleasure is found in the outskirts if this
answer is out of the touch, so my avenue has a picnic near the small river where I wait in my
sanctuary called thinking and yes you can find me and the rest is the best…
Under the orange sky and the silver word bought into the day as he takes his electric thoughts
charges into the vacuum and we humans in soul ask for silence as the body for a delicate
whisper when the nest where we grow gets sweet lessons on a little way, the one that brings
truth for the eyes and overseas when reaching the shore for the anti world new order ad and
the moon is a precious weapon to seed light to the anti touristic nomads which build dreams
and also seed maybe in Dax where I saw a woman dressed in black and as you know the black
runs deep, but the woman felt observed by me but kept safe and proud of her beauty, and me I
was writing furiously for the journey from Düsseldorf where Mr. Matos gave me cigarettes and
the German old man hug me, the Italian told that his girlfriend was the sky and with the smoke
I could see Almeria once again as poetry and like Greenpeace they don’t save the world but
keep the shining freedom alive, so alive, my beautiful friend, best friend in the world, then
comes summer and you swim in the sea or inside me…
While summer and the bass lines marry younger than private thoughts which again have
chosen to feel rather to consume so please don’t complain when you met me cause I held your
hands and both of us in this silver worded spring when life is deeper than absurd if you think of
course why people die in their living rooms talking about gossips and my jokes are quiet funny
and nothing can take me from my choice to be free on my independent thinker condition even
if the seventh dream of a teenage heaven has open holes in your feelings, yeah we meant
what you were and I’m in touch with my moon’s nest which is the true spirit of my ego, my
generous heart and a screaming soul, yes Sophie, I am a fighter, said the soldier to the mean
emperor who learn how to make the good with the teachings/examples of an humble man, in
my words made of stardust remedy.
I am looking for a way around in a divine measure so I can bang and hanging on the hangar
with my breathing condition straighten for the Pedro Miguel Pauleta kick and I could yes I
know I could defend from his mighty kick and take his eyes where my hands turn the rust from
the fire when the organic measure of daddy who is all alone in Brazil and baby tell me what
should do with your white soul where like Camus felt when he was a goal keeper and you at
night tell me stories about things that I have never heard and you cool my desire of blasting
the defamation of my existence which I shall fight with all my strengths so the wind, the snow,
the cold temperament of the Portuguese will be out of existence and again quitting when they
look in emptiness for my twin eyes and please my job is to make people think and not to drive
a Porche so stay away cause I am a friend… compañero, dear beloved Peter Falk (shaking
hands) and the times oh The Times, I have no time for Times and the tiger in Argentina keeps
fighting and the band played Waltzing Matilda… and where do the children go?
Picture this rusty scratching in force under the blankets filling the skin and following a walk in
the sun, ready to rebuild reality by the maestro performance with empty pockets and a gentle
heart into this prophecy oh the hair and skin, cause they might feel the coiffeur or the palm of
time in the magic hall somewhere in our lives which are on the edge of something dear Sophie
and so to all the women I have seen, like Fred Astaire when he danced it seemed like paradise
and your not here, you smile in funny little ways oh Shane that shot by your poems just like the
first folk sound accepting the fireworks of the castle cards once fallen and yes shot but
Comanche was there and the hero wound failed to comply to look the calm spirit on his soul as
white as snow, or the perfect kiss somewhere in this invisible touch cause I am just looking for
hope when the hope is me.
My anxious eyes and serious thoughts turn rhetoric into the use of every personal dream for
an almighty crying word spellbound and your face seems so happy, oh the waiting, yes the
waiting and my lungs generate precious beats at the time of our refrain so frankly speaking, I
do care for wisdom and not the material use of my rhetoric words which composes sweet
souvenirs when you try to sleep and dear friends, I watch the world tumbling down but I watch
like the duel between the giant butterfly session and my condition of staying when I want to
leave Portugal and I talk to the filth and not the aggressive fist fury that my search patrol has
to go for, with sugar and cigarettes, while far from here it seems so much more to be back to
the new dawn fate, very close to the somehow hardest way of tasting the academic life of me
and she with her switchblade and her speed, calls me, yes I hear her calling, following polish
silver poetry by my first time married with hell, which has become the biscuit baked on my
basis, which is my personal heaven, which fights war and not wars with thoughts.
Death of an author, an interesting comic story from the 80’s where a man looks for an author
already dead and finds him alive and dies with him, both were authors… The memory grows by
events and the glory called the center of the woman, so the wanting of love became an
addiction, being inside the living story which answers by voice and untied tongues on every
edge of a little devil, going deeper and wondering why we are similar when we break the car
for the insects to pass and in Liverpool, Ian Rush scored Manuel Galrinho Bento, and my cousin
said we lost and so his English team is Liverpool, cause only a giant team could win Benfica and
the light focusing the eyes of Bento were fatal to us. Now comes erogenous feelings thinking of
Zofia while Louise Brooks appears to explain Zofia my relation with muses, they were Laura in
1987, Lígia Soares in 1997, Patrícia Guerreiro in 1999 and Mafalda Nascimento in 2002, so my
poems stopped in 2005 so that I could write as an author whos life is not taken seriously and
the cuts turn the wounds licking into an journey inside for heart to prepare his delicate senses
and the writing as I understand writing as the beating of a rhythm so potent as giving birth to
the light that allows Bento to be reborn into life for my delight as a child and all the stars
replace his courage and turn the Stadium of the Light one dangerous creation, called hell but
still it’s a long way with deaths and births and these “saudades” that swim so far away from
me and all I can do is to wait and listen to the silence, dear author.
To the legacy of who knows the visit of our own signs that walk in time and the lives are
moving as I could count cats or clouds and to the green eyes as they see and amused with the
peaceful microsphere around the body of this place and for the pearl dew drop for tomorrow
and for now it is still time to go further on our nakedness in every calm valley seen by the
train’s window and the guitars balanced into the surface of the sand where after the highway
of your dress, I rise and shiver with a psycho doorway to think of the welcome place of your
heart and now there is space and time to think over and our dances don’t forget what was the
spirit of love after a decade of being in touch and just like the first time I was inside you and
far, far from this logical routine when we were this little tune played with my favorite world of
independent vision is perfect to feel with you.
Today I follow my windy skull into the reliable pirate’s rebellion for other world that twists and
spins like being the only of many world’s and my German glasses needed this May fire for the
wonderland of what she prays while she sleeps with a little sonata on every rain street she has
passed and if I should fall from grace with god, then the carrying of the piano into the woods, a
kind of innocence kept alive among little creatures and we all have our day and then we pay
and pay, like a dog kicked for being silent in his primitive scream so not reachable for human
sensibility and yes dogs can keep secrets like all flashes in the night where you run for cover
and on the meadow where the angels will receive me as a poet creature with flowers and my
blood makes noise but we belong to freedom, we should go and follow our skull for the land
where our nature can breathe like every living song and rocking upon the waves (don’t worry
son I am here)…
It went smoothly that heart on the meadow when the rabbit looked at me, the colors had a
road and for us a certain fun, we were crossing the excitement, me and the skinny blonde girl. I
told her jokes, she drove me in the van, I bought her chocolate, she smiled and wave a
goodbye for that road and stood in the street telling me secrets with a cigarette and my calm
way of talking to her and to whom I told stories of the unknown and there was no fall but a
rising life, up on the lips, up on her hairs then clumsily the cigarette fell down on her bra and
she opened it to my delight and we touched in the eye by those little tender breasts where the
erected nipples were in my lips and nowhere could we go again than inside of our bodies with
the rain and some tasty scent in locomotive motion of the mystery gathered in green eyes and
a slow motion of the tenderness. Near the botanical garden we continued with the flowers
inside our scent, a blonde silvered hair with a chemical kissing and in touch with the release
from the electric charge on the excitement of a day gone by were a kind of fire by the desire
blowing substance of both.
For the love you must junk the junk and let run the elements of sexuality in a good shape by
walking hand in hand with the aim of trust and hold pleasure so that the open faith in the
kindness takes place in our egos and above the spoken tradition time after time. To meet
people who you recognize power and independent soul as vulnerability and health problems,
young or old, the cradle is the same when we meet them inside us and far from common
sense, cause what it was good before, now is not anymore but some things are, so the learning
by patient research of what brings something to the world. For example, going to the cinema,
reading novels, newspapers, watching TV, culture events, all of these don’t bring nothing cause
the passive consequence of the spectator is the egoistic happiness from those who fill their
pockets with money from institutions and so the concept of artist is not valid cause it junks the
love and it sucks the crowd into a controlled behavior and this puppet show is dangerous for
those who gave their blood for what is valid and consequent, who cared for the outsiders and
with a careful hand, support them with will power and united by the flames of all wideness
present in the eyes of our horizon and you may want to feel more and you can, cause every
person shines in their best deepness. Hidden empires lived for centuries and the breaking act
with that comes from the dancing kisses, the naked visibility of our paradises that are our
natural resources like to travel 3000km and help 4 or 5 people, this I have made, cause the
mind works spontaneous when sees the invisible eyes on the hidden curves of the spine, it
goes directly into the arms of the rolling will of giving and this moment is the love as the race
has tempo to play the attention in the calendar of the free days in the successful magic of
ruling the close trust, share, feel, taste, act, spread and going where no one has gone before,
that is to choose more than we know rather than to repeat, this is my concept of the
The spirit’s struggle for an equal health between the legacy of history and the seeding of
ideas, in order to attend peace like the quiet lake waters are felt in the body as integration into
the nature. To discuss about relations in a neutral way by following an open desire for truth
that the result gives humankind a new measure of social organization in open societies that
would live longer in their structures while organized with a responsible stream of knowledge
among all the generations. Attending all that is lived and felt, to care by analysis of the events
in order to clear more the organization of the fed spirit and the nature by a good honored
heart. Think of the body as an electric pulsating energy and to certify that the aim is to seek for
the natural laws of life, the origins of every thought, instinct, to talk without fear coming from
authoritarian structures, cause a well being body spirit, fights and cares for the all and the
bright side of the character when he smiles in every human discharge of his primitive truth. All
the energy floats and nature can be grateful to the effort of men, women and children united
for this neutral reunion for future and to unblock the rigid tendencies in the world of ideas and
stop in time to gather the world’s infancy on the new age of this calm and peaceful shape of
the living body spirit between humans among nature and the universe. The world stops and
then after all discussions without money structures, humans can relax for the healthy fitness of
the independent society and celebration would have a real meaning out of the organized
festivities. Like spontaneity and sexual feelings they are to be lived without the idea of
possessing someone or something. These struggles take much courage, and the engine of this
statement is a pure demand for a generous opening for the future, to find peace and joy
where there was emptiness, then life would be of our own responsibility in the understanding
towards love that is in a free and respectful way of feeling intimacy in every life sign.
I was in a small river covered with a little forest and crossed a little wooden bridge, I felt so
delicate in that moment, like a virgin boy who lived in a secret world to everybody, my hands
were calm, my eyes were involved in the trees and in the shadows. Like the prince from a story
from Dostoievski. In 1997 I was in Galicia and played with the children for a while in a small
Today I discovered what it means for me to be free, it’s my way of perceiving life in a secret
and solitaire discoveries of what I am going trough. It’s a very sensitive nature and like the
Unicorns I also in my writings like to feel aesthetically beautiful and to work under this
appearance and of course out from being alone, I seek for people and I had intense stories as
sad stories and now I trace them to order my present life.
So free as receiving rain under a black umbrella as today’s day of Lisbon, the population act
irrational for the benefit of social control and youth is the hands of the government list and
these people younger or older gather together to combine their psycho empty lives as a result
of the tragic fantasy ideas of being like brave navigators but the truth is nowadays that
Portugal lives with the dilemma of being isolated from every free spirit because they by any
means don’t want to understand the historical reasons of the hard social conflicts which are
not comfortable to deal with, so they drink, they get drunk, then fall down, no problem for
who laughs in their political arm chair.
Tourism is a social plague, cause by serving capitalism and spreading a private dominium of an
illusion of power where should be an interracial sharing of the world social worries for future,
as all governments want to destroy and to kill people and nature, so tourists of the world
please try not to travel outside from what it kills humans and animals and find yourself inside
your inner life and fight back your childish behavior or the mother of stupidity that is the worst
role of your not ashamed behavior game and would be much more natural to interact by free
choice and not organized trips by institutions or travel agencies, cause the sense of adventure
is like freedom, so it’s up to you, not to me or the Washington Bullets on your TV and the
minutes are strong if forwarded into songs of freedom and not by a sick commercial sexual
emancipation, so stand aside into the part of dignity cause is what it rests from values on some
humans and think, cause
you can stop your tempo and write, seed, create.
She’s been working for the genitals dancing original statement and following people on their
honey behaving and inviting them to be caught for the master chemical love tenderness. To go
into a higher ground where trunks and ideas rise as we hide an egg in the land for a thousand
years. The eyes of a storm on every soluble conflict by being a distinct person on every orange
word compelled to set free what is the mighty nudity of the mind.
All nights where the lights show the Mongolian attitudes and give back to the holly nature, the
culture of a calm desire musically going further on the territory of falling in love, because
emptiness lives on boredom coming from capitalism. To exist in a free land is so obvious that
humans come to see what exists on your bank account, so they can have the shit they get
through enlarging their disability to pop on truth and I rely on a laugh to shake my way of
taking aggressions in a lucidity just before my last number on someone’s chest is my
warmness. And the future would have existed in Portugal if the agriculture spell bound existed
to save the egg from being found on the producing of loving without the fascists everywhere
out of your mind control, but I had given my love and attended many souls as starving and
helpless people, so my work here is far from a lot, so the corn field is like a song, so bye and
pack this sick language from her stinky emotional condition in the dark suburbs of my archery
eyes who watch for the real effect on a new spiritual appetite, so in the name of a reasonably
celebration goodbye, is to have experienced what this little rectangle world called Portugal, in
my case, has faced with my poetic acts. It was the negation, so death tears us apart from life.
The way you figure my fly up in the kingdom of melodies where for fun we get stoned with
songs from the inside and you know where loving goes dear crystal when you drove all trough
the beginning of a candy biscuit by the side of the road in which we sat inside a shack for the
avenue of speaking tongues that could play their best and it would be like to know what we
endured for safety modes of coping with codes and emotions somehow new on our middle
age bodies that crossed desert and dry rain and now they add into the map a new condition of
curled steamy hair, cause skulls think aside the docks and the doorway to the best sense for
novelties is to keep seeking and evolving in between the grow and even flying we go slow as
fast we could dance and nights of white bodies in sexuality made of marble and my stone
keeps the country side condition alive in my veins as I am on her veins and stones and flowers
they show genetic commutations but the fertile area is kept open like our minds and we
decided to have the challenge so that the weather can report our moods and take heaven into
the house where the snail mail was built is now physically true and the brilliant courageous
shape in real time is the venture in all rhymes and to clap for a soft aim that heats the brave
justice in women and men, on the this night of thinking with music in the work of future for to
save everyone from irrational smiles loading emptiness when the green fields are a shelter for
the waiting in the luxury scent of nature, so much deeper than cars and easy streets and I
could recall the phone call in which we laughed for the mystery tale we created for our own
love entertainment and spiritual rebirth to attend this lure and the ocean has deepness like
stormy and wild figures so true as winter ice and the pink panther sleeps to find the parking
place after the crew acted free.
The property of creation is the free original freedom across everything that exists as a living
creature and to be engaged with time and work with a well to do future where the life
structures are based on the substance of free love choice in accepting any teachings or cases
we pass for and the lapidated function of thinking which is the role I attend to call out to the
political and social awareness of an human dignity achieved within our idiosyncrasy.
The directions of creation attract a reflex in a variety of memories as a result of the initial birth
test in adults effects on their rigid ageism and where humans cannot due to morality to
interact freely with others and these global tumors provide a permanent sick dream so alive as
the paradox of himself not to be known, we can see the atmosphere of thinking or feeling her
in a way that to walk and travel without prejudice of our inner aesthetics by communicating
the strong voice that often are moving life stories with no bureau to understand them neither
in the streets, so this attack on freedom bans a true exchange of feelings, left alone in the
vacuum and people suffer from this criminal content of the creative act coming from the
principle element of the invisible inside that are the infinite ways to understand why history on
memory is kept in danger from reality and verified in every day dialog out from what you see
as normal and to be in other danger when I tell about my nature and I am attacked with the
irrational troops of frozen minds because the thinking time is not allowed in the rush for
nothing but nothing could be something if the feelings were taken seriously as the discharge of
what we created. Therefore I defend myself as heritage of all life manifestations, I defend my
love wills, I defend all love free wills and attack who denies them and even in ourselves and
keep my voice somewhere alive on my own vision of the origin of LIFE, LOVE, THINKING.
If I give away from criticizing the thousand tears from the denying of life in modern literature
that is like an immediate fuck rape into the highest star and if I should think for you, then
everything and everybody works like an automatic pain from whom I cannot make an one to
one approach but to let written my right to accept what comes from the inside as a living thing
and to fight against those who let themselves fall in the media market fantasies trap or to be
independent, the choice is yours, the sin is yours not mine, so crucify yourselves and let me
produce my human feelings that don’t need more junk if real love could speak louder than
bombs, chose and take the world on my honey trip, it’s good so I will be back for you Jack
(Kerouac) and then to climb up on the mountains, to breathe and start moving on till I have my
fun, cause she and me we are mystery and we kill surf city as you kill the poor, the knife is on
both hands, I am ready to listen and to destroy commercial literature like an incinerator that
my bullshit detector allows to set and I will sail away from the Portuguese ape act, the shit
they get and I get high in a libido state of my bungalow body, for you to hold and I am holding
you, precious language of creating life
A magnetic paradox flash for who dares wins, so why are we brought into trial?

Life exists by the lifting on the knots

To be mental in the ideal of a particular color can be a naïf desire with solid ground to proceed by consistence on the existence of a real life in the mind with each difference as long as the challenge does not tears apart from what is known and this is brought to the gender of ideas. The entirely mind and thoughts being clear with the allies of each inner goal that argues for peace and confusion is now empty as nature changes and we combine details with the constitution of perceiving. For example, the images in the actual mental proof on humans that are labeled as having a mental disease where these colors are inside in any doubt being transferred into the faculty act that brings by all exogenous determinisms, many necessary elements in the understanding of what is the mind. To iron little and little the tact that admits the substance in the functionalism for being human with what we can aspire for the reality that is composed by images and words that open a patch that all desires contain a living importance. And as an answer that the hermit had told me: ´it is the fully anticipation in the sense-data of intuition that exists the statement to understand any original reality, therefore to be aware of the domain of what it concerns the good mind in between the human kind´.

Riding home, into the rock cave where there things get softer by the defense of a balneal exposure to the arms into the rocks upon the skin but that doesn´t hurt because stones for the hermit, are their natural homeland and a glory for not to shed hope on the way civilization really hurts and puts things away from the natural actions when thought is in control as behavior works wrongly like an empty room without an atom. While the stone has life and that is a small step to understand the difference from matter and existence in all the angles that are in front of our body.

Life exists by the lifting on the knots who proclaim a relaxed start where the things about the hermit were told as they would be told to you dear reader and what is fair in the gist of every scientific approach into the world where the entourage of recreation shows by one side, the dazzling voices and for the other, the anguish population who by bad fortune of the non self mastering policies. These people are in serious starvation down in the same ground level where we all live by persuasion of the same existence which life can lift little by little if by the first time, we enter a vast radiant atmosphere, we can enjoy our senses with the energy. By pushing the desire of feelings without the murderous attempt of matter rewards for what is taken here by the cosmic calenture of silence and that means so much more than you and I both know. Maybe that´s the fun or the horror of it, we shall see with words and your touch in here, to see what is alive and by swinging in the sunny days and in the hotbed of repose, just like a kind of langour which takes the dog for a walk and we feel part of something. This part is so much more valid if by no fear of the closest unknown around the outside, we can meet new eyes and a face with rising possibilities of going deeper across the conscious of too much awareness.

The autonomous ego

Seated to seal blood on May the 31th of 1995, the tree had hold us while the difference of our bodies was the reason to attend another call inside the logic of love, somehow a leap on the road where we had been for so many times now the bridge holds the long fidelity towards the dichotomy of the assembly of the life when she is one unity.
My father prefers to see, to feel rather than to write. He took me into so many places with his white car, so brave on the Portuguese incursions across the roads far from my first home even if I had many homes, that house was my real home. There I created at the age of 12 the social or individual praxis of the autonomous ego. Later in Germany a group of rioters called themselves autonomous, there and here the responsibility on any discovery especially when she and me do not depend on the heritage of the facts which produce means to begin the love and the gain of emotions inside the realm of innocence since March till the good kingdom of faith.



There is an endless story in the out space, the awake and the loss of it are inside our cosmic conscious when as humans we feel the cosmos as a natural wonder to feel with respect. Everyone is on the side of it what runs deep, up where the flashing blue light in the Lisbon skies around 1985, where I saw this light for 2 seconds when I was returning home from high school and the relation with the out space had a begin on my life. My view of the cosmos is vast, it crosses speculation, and I only talk and write what I´ve experienced posting the factual virtue following conquers in the relation to the unknown. That is the angelical upstart for any human creature that attends truth from the relation with the cosmos has in every one life. It can be a deep feeling coming from the character directed to the front sense of understanding the standing importance of knowing by advance that the mind can be surprised by the visit of every engine of doubt even if it is a blue flash coming from the unknown skies that we know as blue. The fractals combine a multitude of motions, colors call for pleasant amusement as work done, save from the raiders of something unusual and a fortune to hold around our personal story which is involved with the cosmos, it was left to dream about as it is said but it exists.

Heating what is never enough matters the silent hours in which human energy is devoted to think, the self analysis as good counselor in the interest of the human map in the front line of the first underlined echoes in each notes presented as an element of real compassion, moving in own tempo with the equilibrium that you and me can find in the tense logic of the cosmos.

The way to turn the deepness of every feeling inside the movement in far galaxies is related with energy that both generate; the possible interaction with both of the differences is not known but is not time to go to the cosmos to travel or to escape in order to continue the slavery in other sources of life, it should be a relation based on love, then diplomacy which is in pain from what is read, felt, thought, lived in the human conflicts that should take a long breath from the inside to lead the relation with the cosmos with equilibrium and it is one of the reasons of the message of the sempiternal Pansexuality. The living relation with the cosmos can be a good seed in the outcome of human emergent energy; it must point a sharpened taste for intelligence spoken with the heart, never as fiction but in real level of desire for the sempiternal stability of the Universe.


Amoeba divides because it cannot tolerate expansion so the genetically issue in here should be understood as a universal law of tension which had derived into the creation of the universe and that the actual conditions of existence are on the same domain as the basis of its creation. Therefore the reason of the decay of civilizations throughout centuries. What was explained as expansion meant to be a vision of hope with regular care on the liberation of people through sexuality and not by the actual attitude towards the body activity which is a movie career with rational fears led by the carrying of the success of the death instinct. I can only attend prevention while humankind is dressed with the fake moral up against the noble will of the gentle being of the soul. It is not an abandonment of religion but an awake on which many philosophers tried to guide people but not to be commanders of society. They had paid a high price and now all we have is 7 billions of whispers.

Wilhelm Reich and Einstein

The only explanation Einstein gave to Reich for not wanting to cooperate with him was that one of Einstein’s assistants gave a different explanation of the temperature difference phenomenon. Einstein accepted that different explanation.
The entire Reich-Einstein correspondence is included in Reich’s autobiographical book American Odyssey.

For einstein i wanna mention,
that einstein didn take reichs discoveries serious,
in opposite i think he declared them ridiculous
and didnd answer for reichs letters

but may be also that he was
blameable touched by
reichs infos
which made him fear, panic
and complexes, which he couldnt stand so
he blocked him

Comment from a liberal friend in Europe

Excerpt from one of Eduardo Alexandre Pinto books

“Nothing could be something if the feeling is right”

As a bear knows how to hibernate, grace in them is a parable of wisdom because they make deals with the seasons being themselves in the middle of many of the television skies. Just when we are trying to enter on something leaving us tense and a past in the hands is as important as a future with balance and with the same seasons which I call reason at the calendar to think about.
Hydrogen, solar energy, wind energy are the solutions for the future but do the oil corporations are able to comprehend this fundamental need for our Earth?

Little fresh letters do confer the habits of a love relation as decal of tact in long wills and an angle to reflect. The presence of reason denies the selected frames which in concern of severe life doubts and straights the conscience in labor of the creation by the higher duty of words and touch through sensibility. Desires produce warm nests with good results. Shame is the commercial relations. The fear of death is and was always conveyed by thoughts, feelings and emotions. To contemplate the landscape of life requires an independent spirit, to enter the creation with character combined with the candy affection of children when they induce secrets as an extension of the features of all stillness in this world where we live.
Nature echoes appears to inventive minds by facing kisses with tongues, then clinging into what it reveals to humans as a top gear activity, we can provide the devotional hours of those with a feeling of surprise because some of us are surprised that they can still be surprised.

Rather soft and lingering a windy body ascending up as the road which pleases the Universe, it was a warm secret regarding a major faith into all youth models of citizenship as patience teaches when we are asked to stand for hope.
When Laura the Lisbon punk has decided to let her hair to grow, she revealed herself to be a beautiful woman; she liked The Crass and dogs. One day she departed to Switzerland where she lives now, after years of seeking for her road. She has slept once in my house.

Rural spots such as the sexual life of insects, conduct the esteem perusing at the land and mitigating the smooth feeling which answers to the windy spirit known as work. The impetuous alliance upon world citizens conceals emotions in crowd acts but sometimes masses are moving by influence and go with the flow. Rivers know the mystery something in the shape of energy, this fountain of hope obliges all conducts to survey the immanent love as demand of natural needs. There is something near the window where I stood to perceive my garden from a room where my father has put me in to learn about introspection and to prepare my smile upon the holly words of the inner speech, hours and hours as recommendation for adventure. My adventures have took me into different hours, I among others, we used to dig deeper in dynamic creations often ending in love making or mountain climbing so much before from our rooms where we have had created the provisions for the future. No one has died from it in memory, we were going where the confessions of energy would shine forever but of course the glorious lanes were calm friends of pedestrians like feelings being in motion with the limits of what secures attention. The disposition of my generation intercepted the activity of a deep violet scene, we had white wings and we danced like ink answering shyness, like an eye game played endlessly with selected aspects of generosity into the world.
The spiritual endeavor upon solid ground enters the acceptance of courage amid time. Its target pastes reality with a disposition into the comprehension of a well acquainted History of Earth. The majestic advantage of wars surrenders fragility with means to speak in sudden repugnance and fear. Full control of information provides a sum of what it collides as difference that makes us sane and the awake has time to obtain slight changes into the excellence of existence. The long fidelity does influence and does promote the consolation of all life trials, an innocent soil that keeps a decent glow on the approach to fate.
A constant occupation assures into talent the edification of creation with the conspicuous reward as a decent friendship in the spirit.
Our wishes are an intimate secret as for those who confer every pleasant dream into the balance of the labor upon a diary read at the sun. When the division of goods fails, the look of a combined force can appear to dissolve the turmoil like if the intercourse with the world could have as an ally into the principle of a childhood analysis. Past times could have been made of joy or sorrow, a deep look into the history of each of us could be the capital of the good patrimony for the future. I have asked one handicapped woman about her childhood, she told me that she didn´t want to remember it.
The consistence of an accommodation around a clear sky, contents hope and dismantles the movement as decal of the little lane. We all drink from the same fountain as rectors from unknown behavior, finding peace in the settlement of parallels that are found in the daily method to open dialogs in spontaneous manners, often made of repose. Only the love can save the morning after pasting affection with what it stands alike a sermon searching the people who need protection as words mean comprehension into the human best way of the apprehension of all life forms.
A way to polish eternity as our living signs is to consulate beauty and love within humus embraced with a proper sensibility and disposition of each generation to adopt those of have the soft feathers of the visible energy. The immediate seeker knows how the heart digs deeper in utter thoughts. Me and you, we are the open dialog of bed time, we play, we sing, we believe in what it is painted as routine gathered with work, for the benefit of a growing substance when reason cares for the future and solves doubts by a secretion of feelings.
An idea regards a civilized life, returns as omission to the Universal torrent of energy, a way to supply the occupations of Mother Earth. Will you come into 2400? A delay in our feet dislikes the sinuous plenums where we as one other side of the approach into the understanding of the human aura, a kind of encouragement to sharp the Earthly fellows for the interests in the stillness of life.
An identity alike a cast of tender events, has the preaching gloomy sense of the human condition at time of the entry in History. This affordable seed is like a garden caressed by insects, cats, birds, all in the dreaming impression of an important acquisition through our mind. Being sempiternal, this condition is the edification of a sacred assembled instruction towards the imminent excitement when the senses are in action for the beginning of an ethereal verb.
A scarlet journey persuades remarkable memories as another exodus into the pages of reflection at bright emotional states without forcing the body hiding the vast ordination of language day by day. The cosmos pulsates intimately by working motions raising the art of creation. To grow with audacious passengers is one public domain which has peace and a little determination also grows as confidence on a fresh promise crusading nature here on the glory of a social enthusiasm of youth. Social faith is one passage while the cosmos is one commutation beyond an altar of self will which compels humans to mature with half their integrity, facing the cultivation of a notorious mutual benefit inside a devotion to life forms.
A sharp insight upon the touch, the tact and the vision, holding a proper missive to the tranquil water which runs as deep as the velvet silk, caressed by hands of open will. An ideal to paste thought and sensitive alleys into the considerable peace we all need. A good deal further would be the visibility of human growth.
Between the dispositions of a steady character, delicate murmurs are spread. To conceive beauty with the highest interest within the realm of objective choices are the beginning of the being.
After the perceptions of rising powder, to bike around and away from a subject, some golden clapping crowds asking for a mystification so eatable at a décor of eyes but not elegant alike wisdom.
Abundance relies on work, diligences must be made for a secure thread where we held breathe for lines which exclaim flavor and a sense of several directions, parcels of the speech, research and alerts on health. All for the prudent to cast supply to the people in need.
To go on beyond the sempiternal feeling of existence is a fair interest becoming the vacations of tensions, the only child of nature and where something nearer, he and me, we develop the body with arms on the chances on a sufficed triumph upon this.