Excerpt from one of Eduardo Alexandre Pinto books

“Nothing could be something if the feeling is right”

As a bear knows how to hibernate, grace in them is a parable of wisdom because they make deals with the seasons being themselves in the middle of many of the television skies. Just when we are trying to enter on something leaving us tense and a past in the hands is as important as a future with balance and with the same seasons which I call reason at the calendar to think about.
Hydrogen, solar energy, wind energy are the solutions for the future but do the oil corporations are able to comprehend this fundamental need for our Earth?

Little fresh letters do confer the habits of a love relation as decal of tact in long wills and an angle to reflect. The presence of reason denies the selected frames which in concern of severe life doubts and straights the conscience in labor of the creation by the higher duty of words and touch through sensibility. Desires produce warm nests with good results. Shame is the commercial relations. The fear of death is and was always conveyed by thoughts, feelings and emotions. To contemplate the landscape of life requires an independent spirit, to enter the creation with character combined with the candy affection of children when they induce secrets as an extension of the features of all stillness in this world where we live.
Nature echoes appears to inventive minds by facing kisses with tongues, then clinging into what it reveals to humans as a top gear activity, we can provide the devotional hours of those with a feeling of surprise because some of us are surprised that they can still be surprised.

Rather soft and lingering a windy body ascending up as the road which pleases the Universe, it was a warm secret regarding a major faith into all youth models of citizenship as patience teaches when we are asked to stand for hope.
When Laura the Lisbon punk has decided to let her hair to grow, she revealed herself to be a beautiful woman; she liked The Crass and dogs. One day she departed to Switzerland where she lives now, after years of seeking for her road. She has slept once in my house.

Rural spots such as the sexual life of insects, conduct the esteem perusing at the land and mitigating the smooth feeling which answers to the windy spirit known as work. The impetuous alliance upon world citizens conceals emotions in crowd acts but sometimes masses are moving by influence and go with the flow. Rivers know the mystery something in the shape of energy, this fountain of hope obliges all conducts to survey the immanent love as demand of natural needs. There is something near the window where I stood to perceive my garden from a room where my father has put me in to learn about introspection and to prepare my smile upon the holly words of the inner speech, hours and hours as recommendation for adventure. My adventures have took me into different hours, I among others, we used to dig deeper in dynamic creations often ending in love making or mountain climbing so much before from our rooms where we have had created the provisions for the future. No one has died from it in memory, we were going where the confessions of energy would shine forever but of course the glorious lanes were calm friends of pedestrians like feelings being in motion with the limits of what secures attention. The disposition of my generation intercepted the activity of a deep violet scene, we had white wings and we danced like ink answering shyness, like an eye game played endlessly with selected aspects of generosity into the world.
The spiritual endeavor upon solid ground enters the acceptance of courage amid time. Its target pastes reality with a disposition into the comprehension of a well acquainted History of Earth. The majestic advantage of wars surrenders fragility with means to speak in sudden repugnance and fear. Full control of information provides a sum of what it collides as difference that makes us sane and the awake has time to obtain slight changes into the excellence of existence. The long fidelity does influence and does promote the consolation of all life trials, an innocent soil that keeps a decent glow on the approach to fate.
A constant occupation assures into talent the edification of creation with the conspicuous reward as a decent friendship in the spirit.
Our wishes are an intimate secret as for those who confer every pleasant dream into the balance of the labor upon a diary read at the sun. When the division of goods fails, the look of a combined force can appear to dissolve the turmoil like if the intercourse with the world could have as an ally into the principle of a childhood analysis. Past times could have been made of joy or sorrow, a deep look into the history of each of us could be the capital of the good patrimony for the future. I have asked one handicapped woman about her childhood, she told me that she didn´t want to remember it.
The consistence of an accommodation around a clear sky, contents hope and dismantles the movement as decal of the little lane. We all drink from the same fountain as rectors from unknown behavior, finding peace in the settlement of parallels that are found in the daily method to open dialogs in spontaneous manners, often made of repose. Only the love can save the morning after pasting affection with what it stands alike a sermon searching the people who need protection as words mean comprehension into the human best way of the apprehension of all life forms.
A way to polish eternity as our living signs is to consulate beauty and love within humus embraced with a proper sensibility and disposition of each generation to adopt those of have the soft feathers of the visible energy. The immediate seeker knows how the heart digs deeper in utter thoughts. Me and you, we are the open dialog of bed time, we play, we sing, we believe in what it is painted as routine gathered with work, for the benefit of a growing substance when reason cares for the future and solves doubts by a secretion of feelings.
An idea regards a civilized life, returns as omission to the Universal torrent of energy, a way to supply the occupations of Mother Earth. Will you come into 2400? A delay in our feet dislikes the sinuous plenums where we as one other side of the approach into the understanding of the human aura, a kind of encouragement to sharp the Earthly fellows for the interests in the stillness of life.
An identity alike a cast of tender events, has the preaching gloomy sense of the human condition at time of the entry in History. This affordable seed is like a garden caressed by insects, cats, birds, all in the dreaming impression of an important acquisition through our mind. Being sempiternal, this condition is the edification of a sacred assembled instruction towards the imminent excitement when the senses are in action for the beginning of an ethereal verb.
A scarlet journey persuades remarkable memories as another exodus into the pages of reflection at bright emotional states without forcing the body hiding the vast ordination of language day by day. The cosmos pulsates intimately by working motions raising the art of creation. To grow with audacious passengers is one public domain which has peace and a little determination also grows as confidence on a fresh promise crusading nature here on the glory of a social enthusiasm of youth. Social faith is one passage while the cosmos is one commutation beyond an altar of self will which compels humans to mature with half their integrity, facing the cultivation of a notorious mutual benefit inside a devotion to life forms.
A sharp insight upon the touch, the tact and the vision, holding a proper missive to the tranquil water which runs as deep as the velvet silk, caressed by hands of open will. An ideal to paste thought and sensitive alleys into the considerable peace we all need. A good deal further would be the visibility of human growth.
Between the dispositions of a steady character, delicate murmurs are spread. To conceive beauty with the highest interest within the realm of objective choices are the beginning of the being.
After the perceptions of rising powder, to bike around and away from a subject, some golden clapping crowds asking for a mystification so eatable at a décor of eyes but not elegant alike wisdom.
Abundance relies on work, diligences must be made for a secure thread where we held breathe for lines which exclaim flavor and a sense of several directions, parcels of the speech, research and alerts on health. All for the prudent to cast supply to the people in need.
To go on beyond the sempiternal feeling of existence is a fair interest becoming the vacations of tensions, the only child of nature and where something nearer, he and me, we develop the body with arms on the chances on a sufficed triumph upon this.