The autonomous ego

Seated to seal blood on May the 31th of 1995, the tree had hold us while the difference of our bodies was the reason to attend another call inside the logic of love, somehow a leap on the road where we had been for so many times now the bridge holds the long fidelity towards the dichotomy of the assembly of the life when she is one unity.
My father prefers to see, to feel rather than to write. He took me into so many places with his white car, so brave on the Portuguese incursions across the roads far from my first home even if I had many homes, that house was my real home. There I created at the age of 12 the social or individual praxis of the autonomous ego. Later in Germany a group of rioters called themselves autonomous, there and here the responsibility on any discovery especially when she and me do not depend on the heritage of the facts which produce means to begin the love and the gain of emotions inside the realm of innocence since March till the good kingdom of faith.