Excerpt from The Sempiternal Pansexuality


Poetry made during the process of dealing with strong emotions among the days where being in front of these pages required high levels of concentration in a sort of hermit style or retirement to unify truth and knowledge.

A distant prudence sleeps in a sufficed northern windy spirit

Trough a long compel of marching waters still beyond consolation

And we are patient to awake at the sound of our mirror and from it

The course of nudity in passion around an admirable sensation

As curious is the return to the little words regarded as distinct

So gorgeous the commission in the struggle of you human print

Which I held with no exception in time for your beauty in soul

Myself a season in you, calls out the growing thinking and to be told

You can come in logic and try to wax and wane

The ligth which ascends from my strength in a solitary lane

The spring in Lisbon selects a kind and fresh attraction in sentimentalism

Being much of the feeling called upon your morning realism

Possible as splendor and to touch like a didactic society

Nature consumes what you produce and the conquer of energy

In my terrible working beliefs which are on the skies

To be in struggle with all the sum of gratitude which lies?

A certain perspective and practical tendency for the right to the best


The daring practice in our manners is the double playful rest

Desire appears like a composition of time When will you come in here?

Into the fine character of my tear

A single vivid source of company in exact delay Tempts the course of pleasant conclusions in this day I could cease to answer into my own as I shiver now Hope holds my tender body but how?

The measure of affection within your sincere excellence

Written as the children respect innocence by a warm immaterialism Why for some time the frequency of words taken in prudence Display the playful intellect in letters in the feature of impressionism In a future instinct awakened by a immaculate desolation

Sincerely in truth, the feelings read by the conduit of the blues

To the landscape of domestic thoughts seem to amuse the integration In every line of real souvenirs which are in love with both truths

The ample visit as habit of kindness acquires questioned eyes In terms of sharing the adoption of consistent memories

Every one follows what was seen under the essence of the skies


Me and you, placid to the external notion of mortalities

Lift feelings from chosen being in ferocious moods

Maybe some of them would and could be in our woods

Where the little ways hold secrets as impressions

From a resolved trait on the way to peculiar expectations

I manifest the solemn reflection of your gentle breasts As singular mosaics in sober marble as the cozy nests

In the curled leafs with entrance to embrace immensities

To every draw where anatomy conceals the ornament of solo duties I repose inside the depart of my mind at time for our contrasts
The body of a thought knows the wealth in which devotion casts

A similar constitution of awareness on every creature with language to confess The retired innocence attending what I caress

With much of trust looking for one heart in motion Truly as morning sounds when your words linger Over the chosen effort for this prolific kind devotion

In a evening loaded with the extended shape of my finger Printing in solitude the factual respect for your longing eyes Friendly as when you are on the journey into my own skies With full power to understand the appearance of the ocean Who lives with stoic voice in the nucleus of any emotion?


Noble tones to the liberty which you cheer as expression

In your woman´s delicate face from which I place my devotion With the touch as feelings do in vast prudence in my veins Make me claim to the reference in the friendship that it remains Now I dictate in my memory the attraction of our reaction inside The preparation to the visit from what lives so deep aside

The selected words which we delivered by anonymous reasons In the satisfaction with beauty far in here as in seasons

The mighty ego nudity by confession of the growing excitement Inside you and far on the way to the nipple´s contentment That you keep as lecturer of the admirable union upon grace

A quiet essay was my power to describe our puzzled trace In ways to order time and inside the sunset

Adjust the melancholy that you set

And I held in long observations with different streams Although they were identical in our questioned impulse dreams

A place we can stay is among the living suns

We can always go inside and with the logic of our sums


The world is orphan of the character and people wonder What it will be the stormy taste of a sempiternal thunder? But the moon combines the poetry felt as concern

We can shine to understand our egos and learn The songs have their walls of mystery for good Do you dance now that is all understood?

The preservation of duty as deliverance of hope Should be as serious as belonging into your scarlet bed By where some nights I was in us to cope

Directly in faith driving peace in your head

With a kind of theory based on adventured strategies A peaceful presence as occupation in the wideness And the contact in operating heat were lies our stories

It enhances from time to time the performance of sadness

Affection as substance equals the touch of wisdom In the tropic light that with sincere freedom

Carries the practice of genuine and vulnerable feelings Thoughts authorize the angle of harmony in best greetings It´s for the best of all vivid sources to be prudent

A lucid spirit with attitude to defend the intent Of some strange looks in our ways which we act


By volunteering the warm colliding idea in this fact

My predecessor hearts were natural inspired beings

In which their best instruments as duties to sharp feelings Where the kind care as answer to interpret emotional hate Now within the sowing hopes in the horizon of fate

Lead segments of all human exchange where thoughts have a begin Like me and you were a visible optic light going in

To refer the wish of undressed bizarre politics are in my hands

All now can comprehend the time to silent their strange commands

The body of respect intends to adjust a cloud into a waterfall The incoming of freshness produced by live gains

A happy place on humble increase of new sensations as calls To become the patient disposition to stand all future aims For all tomorrows to live as soft perfume in sexual skin

I can write my soul on a tempered ray on you by thin Fingers in comfort to sustain relaxation in pleasure With an excellent mind and body to keep as treasure

Rolling energy kept in

As you came to begin

The burning body

Kissing a crowdie


Fire in the end

And the glen

Finds calm

Sill I stand into our realm

The roar which exists in legions of sounds coming from societies who carry the ignorance of strange judgments indoors on the muscles of a humble human from which the work is a philosophical system for an athletic solitaire marathon half way to open the twisting laces painted in the violent behaving where now I live. To know that it hurts and to lay diplomacy under the anger held on the eyes waxing so much in concrete warm soul into the spontaneous humans which by random torments are placed in front of me and the nursing of these people is a sign that stops me to listen the cramps in the expression of the hardcore population who by mistake drag themselves into the pornographic display for public artificial breasts and penis which try to tease the natural being of dignity, here visible to fed the fads from which people hang their minds in their convictions which accumulates a dark materialism far from the front cover of the next doorway to this driver instinct in guidance of innocence.