Excerpt from A Deep Cosmic Calenture

An iron bird awakes to sing nearby its nest whose fragrance is sponsored by a colloquial moon. We could all be the movers and shakers of a good insight of beauty in the shining silence of human fate. To glue silence and to paste him into to the fading elements of discussion like birds, cats, pigeons, stars, plants, rocks, we all are beloved in the innate inner speech of the birth event which proceeds with ruins of a large sum of silenced fights. Motivation to this awake will take its steps in time, a certain refrain out of futility and inside the swimming thoughts which are electric sparks, jingling love signs to guaranty the future of our affect. We the triangle of ties and organized sleeping time as we date our fury all along beauty, to make it possible for time to be high above the indigo élan of days where the gestures are one possibility to be memorized into the look for love and only this energy is the royal moral of all existence. As certainty iron birds tend to coexist with the television skies in this digital age whose features are ferocious, denying to peasants to attend the soin.
To grab the prunes in the chest of a front door of a poetical love, is a clue to our questions about the next prime door, it can be one refined idea of poems gathered in the fresh gardens where lovers melt their honey laces or a melody made by the icons of the emotional states of nature.
As every heated movement, the freedom of one burning idea is similar to the army of feelings which Giordano Bruno has found inside the Roman Catholic Church all along the century of himself but he has paid only because he paved the way to more factual insights who could rescue many humans as they tend to live out of tact. The correction of forgiveness often faces many human barriers, mainly in the formal tendency to seek escape in the crying cell of our assumptions. Something new had come with Wilhelm Reich and I wise to the crowd am the only human who can make rain without a Cloudbuster, having eye witnesses from Santo António Da Caparica in the year 2011 in Portugal. Alike Native American Indians, I fell on my own strange case and was caught by police. On my legacy on Orgonomy, I can serve the parameters where love, affection, feelings as generosity, work and devotion to this Earthly event upon the support of the human race. Suisse’s have fed their nation during the World War II and now we could feed the world if a comprehensive mood would be carried by 1000 Cloudbuster in African deserts and from there globally. James DeMeo has the knowledge; do the American rulers will accept this evidence? We have to justify time and to be wiser than the skills of the media, to warm up like cats do, if we have pets with us and never to mystify a reason but to be reasonable in what is the river of good moods, like a fantastic castle of candy nerves named by children who sing with monuments of compliments. This is the quality of innocence. It can be done. Truth lies on the balance of divine measures.
Sporty activities are confined to everybody; work is energy in movement (notion of physics).
Brain activities could be something more than to be at the top of the world. Water can induce a flux of health little Indians with pony’s delivering the good news of a new model of creation. This wish is as simple as complex ideas can dwell in the shape of the being and from this into eternity. Our plumed palm hands hold the first time that half of the world enters the mighty equations on what we learn. All gears run deeper when the next curve is one healing process with three methods: speech therapy, body relaxation, coach and the release of emotions.

In the 60´s, French idiom was studied in schools here in Portugal, since the early millennium with the extreme use of internet, the Education Ministry has changed its policy and English became our second language. German was always taught in Portugal. My aunt, the sister of my mother, has a degree on English and German. I used to read a lot in French, my father has the Alliance Française course; I have some French poems, two critics on Beauvoir books and the visits on France which were in the region of La Loire and in Paris.
She emails and he emails; the dream academy of this energy has tunes, memories, moves, ruins, journeys that push for couple relations, endless meditations during dawn for some peace to take this narrative into the future of something acquainted by those who are dreaming for natural love. The reason for prerogatives inside a similarity to the invisible ink above the pages from who enjoys the lively dynamic of a sustained hope.

In between the doors of those who enter and keeps the lovely wisdom of children, so near to sacred rooms of joy, playing and sending cartoons into the world, perhaps towers of continuity as beauty which ascends as the sublime. The task of a philosopher is the transmission of the being into the diversity of bridges between what is offered as the best pillow book and that is freedom.

As the rusty face of the word confers the melodies of the sunrise which bath Earth with many golden temples and we can go inside the breathing stage of a scale of souvenirs because we are a selected poem of covered sorrows. To hold what we know as the dreaming of all souls existing, existed will exist to give grace for the surviving of the specie. The peacemakers shall continue while the word is losing for images.

There are things of joy when melancholy appears to meet our mood and we can catch sparks from what was taken from pain, no shame to hold but holding on upon the stardust remedy which is a close contact with the inner being, from us and with others.
Spontaneous manners on how to speak for ever in the hearts of Earthly aspects, is gained when the legacy is centered and spread in good hands and that is the division of goods.
To attend the skills of our natures, we must be under the dream academy of the indigo elan which allows us to perform independence, time after time, just when legacies are passed like all the ideas of the good in this world because a mature universe has no fear neither automatic pain.
There was a contest in my father´s adoptive homeland, to see who would threw a stone into the farest distance up above, some way to differ physical energy across an arm discipline which was the strongest skill in those times and to relax the men used to drink red wine. This took place in the 50´s.