Song for Bárbara

Come in your whistling kind muscles
Like that one that by intuition
forming a long concentration of
Adventure and a baptism of fire
when freedom was following my soul
arriving at this affair where there is no difference.
In songs, the skies, are the spelling moves
the crawl of a bell that runs the fist
Lampoons on the very cradles
that were kissed in the mouth by June
is the cherry on the water with the sense of nonprofit?
For each cup of feeling I can have a superb read
This is seen as what can be felt
And so fingers relayed these tunes with me sneaking
Aphorisms by the soft twilight
Sung as secrets that warm the cold
The right-handed and the extreme odor of my heart into heat
What a rise into a great breath
Signals the grimace that tells you more of this friend
In the configuration which blooms in its transformation
Knowing that there is life in progress
As our body goes into a gentle sleep
In a scarlet voice
As I am waiting for you, my dream
And the strength that can be so much late
And here I play as well
Tomorrow the heart
Of a sacred birth
This union of vows and feelings
With a localized thinking
Living in security
Delivers this document because
The vein has a whistling breath
And the run on the open prairie
The foot where your eyes of black honey
Smiled once for being too foreign
Flanking your look as praise for your skin
It’s always the time for your encounter
In bid to interdict that in your center
In every breath and cheered accurate look
Among Gordian knots that the same postman
Sails, and with the years, the source of values
And I would not say that you are here without pain
Where we were two per among zillions
Above the illustrated and amazed thoughts
When the smile is stretching elastic beings
The sand here in your arms for the loving
And because it’s dawn, I estimate to be
A mild schism bare-chested
A mirror and you’re always
Home to meet the concise air
But as luck of the smooth trot
The crease at the neckline courteous November
Hip wound me, I’ll follow that
And the broom makes the holidays that you had
A tine thin wide finger
It’s the greasy touch
Connected to the time spent
Employed with the attentive soul
At sunset, as I recall
When looking at this member
Suggests that you are undressed
And you’ve got the sky that you dress
With that much desire
and be late
now in praise
of my splurge
I had signs
who sleep and sleeps
whom I weave
Passing through years of light
Enumerating the name and identity
Polishing the voice that seduces me
When the rest of happiness
Perch in a zillion of steps
The Gordian knot gets the green
All the uniqueness of your traits
Segregating the beat of this seat
Your refinement plotting
As if was asking
What I have in me
And so as a nod
I tell you that I will be
In the hotbed
And if I measure what I intuit
It’s your pout without erasure
That the cypress sets
As a sensitivity
Which runs very thin
May be your age
That defines what you were born
On the horizon you wrote
When I was arrested
Boiling this heart that is gone
Soft sunset I emanate
I am like you in the same flames
I have for taste, then return
In combat as in insurance of thinking
Here on Earth in the affairs of heaven
Flies with this vision of the veiled
And the taste of what makes you dive
Being the portion that binds us into two
I look you in a manly love pose
As having a certain dose with no withdrawals
Holding up very well
And lifted from your sky
Bárbara you are inside a delicate place
Revolving around what it might be seen
For any life comes without fog
And our bed is like love, the first
Anointing without blessing somewhere
I chimer in the land of nowhere
Solemn outdoor
And sideways without fainting
Who browses cities and nations
At the very sly row
As the heat of a fire
Around the cushion
Dozing what I think
No pain or census
Steadying myself on the horizon
In the fascination attached to the bridge
A secret tells me that well
When I make a hundred
The axis and the bond between the royal forces
while the route of silence
listening to the other corner
when I dream, I know
by thinking about the landing of our law
and a stop parched, stands as a sign
if there is also a time of glory
light in each cyclical and annual
the pace of each life story
I give you a handkerchief and a nod
because when you think, I will follow you to whistle
because of this tension
Bent in for your posture, if the thinking
plane to land in fertile motions
a benign sun for us and the reptile
stands quiet at a first touch
In young fruit as alive as a trout
And we are also against the current
And you have the reverse in the handwriting of fire
That wrap the tobacco team
Which is a metaphor that barricade and seals
The benefit of our distraction
You came on the side that was our soul
And early vines with sweet talk
Broke and beautiful as your voice
Now in our mouth with love
Longing sighs in several years
In contrary tones
That the tone of this post
It’s the skin that you seen
Recent subliminal paintings
As your air is heard
at the foot of the bed loving
bodies in some momentum
flows to the resin at the behest
which knows how to run and powerfully
these maneuvers with sui generous margins
Yet this life I feel in distress
In the shadows I guess there are splendid truths
How to center you Miss?
On the fate of your hip
Such a young, frank
Radiate as an epic live
And in return to know
The current extension is either brave
As the heat of this generous hand
My name drops like a silver star
Here on the prairie, where the eye wants to inspect
The entanglement of sensuality
With dazzling, spinning when geometry in
One or two ideas on the space which is aware
Patience knows the discerning attention
In the mind wanting to travel between arms
And the mind appears as a love potion
The forearm of dawn
Recreating the language of others
While the urgency of the hour
The echo of your voice at me strolls
But the creed of the latent humor
What is true for anxiety and amusement
Rises by fervor
Where is our imprecise ascension
I thought your hair
as sensitive petal
was very appealing
to me, invisible
and we had this focus
altar flowers
where you play
in this dream too grown
The quiet brilliance and
Incessant ecstasy
Embrace the look of this wave
Giving you my daughter
My infant dream
For your heart can walk
And I’m in physical time
Wanting to calm your smile my dear

Written by Eduardo Alexandre Pint, excerpt from the book A Deep Cosmic Calenture