Life is of our concern

During 15 years I wrote books in order to ease my tensions. On the way I have crossed hands with ferocious figures on whom I had to fight physically as well with the intellect. My knowledge of people has began with the knowledge of love. 

Now reading is my home country within walks and a sober talk with a wise man who became my fifth master. He is  an herbalist. Talking also eases tensions.Soon I will write more, around the peace I feel when I remember my infancy. I am an adult and no longer alone in my dreams, however, we all must built peace with the unmasked figures of hate by showing the inner voice of a some kind of immanent world of purity. That is the young silence of intimacy and that is why Wilhelm Reich protected Earth with the Cloudbuster in the 50s. This means innocence requires a warm hearted fighter to handle the ‘leute’ at the moment that we are felt because life is of our concern.

Eduardo Alexandre Pinto