Warnings about the Orgone Accumulator

Do not use or store an orgone accumulator near operating CRT, LCD, or plasma TVs, fluorescent lights or CRT computers. Nor should they be used around x-ray machines, radioactive smoke detectors, or within 50 miles of a nuclear reactor. Living near electrical transformer stations, microwave towers and other high-powered energy carriers is not advisable whether you have an orgone accumulator or not. In addition, due to high EM fields, orgone accumulators should not be used near electric sparking motors, air ionizing machines, microwave ovens, or with electric blankets. Strong chemical fumes also disturb the orgone energy.
 Normal incandescent light bulbs or household appliances do not generate very high EM fields and are usually not a problem on or off.
In addition:
Orgone energy devices cannot be used by people with the following:
High blood pressure (even if you are on medication), decompensated heart disease,
arteriosclerosis, atrial fibrillations, brain tumors, apoplectic attacks or seizures of any kind, or skin inflammations
such as conjuctivitis or rosacea.
Caution is advised with ALS, MS, and Parkinsons.