About writers

Writers failed to understand the natural love among humans and they spread negative unselected pieces of things which any sharpened detector knows well. The scientific authors have my great consideration because they save lives by prevention on this planet. Wild Life is being guarded carefully or maybe not, seldom it appears news about wolfs for example and if so they are forgotten in time, wolfs and the beavers (maybe to left them on their peace is the best).
When words are like an Asiatic shore and Pierre de Lotti (a sailor) embraces the readings of the things his adventures produced into the romantic Oceans, things that are alive as spots in one loyal Dalmatian. To cross what is seldom is like being another summer in the Ocean bioluminescence with calm wise turtles passing through decades willing for peace and up above, the weather in its languor as a sociologist would try to be the parish the decal of this faith on the infinite as one child being found. As promise into the inspiring people which carry carpets and sell secrets to obtain from the Poet the necessary loop to camp his willing mind into a good bright portion of the same principle of adventure either from the seas, either from the human heart. Temperament holds the perfect kiss into joy and bliss.