In times of immanent danger my mind alerts me and I see a dark bright blue in front of me and expanding to the areas where it may appear the threat.

I remember  it quiet clearly  abour this in elementary school when a colleague tried to hit me with a ball and immediately I have curved my body and was not injured.

  • In these times that we are living , the foundation of the autonomous ego is important but more important is  the union between those that we have chosen to be with us for a lifetime.
  • Intrigues exists everywhere.
  • For those who seek their way, I advice the teachings of  Bertrand Russel, Albert Schweitzer, John Nash, Wilhelm Reich and the contact with nature.
  • For those who have to deal with crowds: try to seat down and to stop in time while observing the muscle of the city mouvement.
  • Medical Orgone Theraphy is a way to reborn.
  • Choose natural medicine afterwards.
  • Develop the critical spirit and fron time to time, avoid going with the flow.
  • If you are a young man in love, take your suspicious in young women on idealisms either from left either from the right wing.
  • Drink from the best sources.

Eduardo Alexandre Pinto