The world is becoming more closed and not poetical

Ethics should be known in the world. Why the academic world denies into the humble a free speech, why the skaters do not volunteer to the old who have rheumatologic difficulties, two examples on how media authority is leading everywhere as an assumption of knowledge not from wisdom. By sensibility I can heal any difficult problem with someone´s flow of energy or even the great strains of the world situation, I made contacts with everybody from the intellectual influent torrent of thoughts and new ideas, since the field of environment, pollution, legal protection into the fragile, nature, wars, food and so forth but the will for their own power has selected their own society, so the world is becoming more closed and not poetical.

The shining silence of human fate

An iron bird awakes to sing nearby its nest whose fragrance is sponsored by a colloquial moon. We could all be the movers and shakers of a good insight of beauty in the shining silence of human fate. To glue silence and to paste him into to the fading elements of discussion like birds, cats, pigeons, stars, plants, rocks, we all are beloved in the innate inner speech of the birth event which proceeds with ruins of a large sum of silenced fights. Motivation to this awake will take its steps in time, a certain refrain out of futility and inside the swimming thoughts which are electric sparks, jingling love signs to guaranty the future of our affect. We the triangle of ties and organized sleeping time as we date our fury all along beauty, to make it possible for time to be high above the indigo élan of days where the gestures are one possibility to be memorized into the look for love and only this energy is the royal moral of all existence. As certainty iron birds tend to coexist with the television skies in this digital age whose features are ferocious, denying to peasants to attend the soin.

People swallow shit

Heat waves are induced artificially into several countries world wide if someone profits from it and that is the case of Portugal with millions of rich tourists trowing money away while the bankers manipulate the media and people swallow shit. 



There is an endless story in the out space, the awake and the loss of it are inside our cosmic conscious when as humans we feel the cosmos as a natural wonder to feel with respect. Everyone is on the side of it what runs deep, up where the flashing blue light in the Lisbon skies around 1985, where I saw this light for 2 seconds when I was returning home from high school and the relation with the out space had a begin on my life. My view of the cosmos is vast, it crosses speculation, and I only talk and write what I´ve experienced posting the factual virtue following conquers in the relation to the unknown. That is the angelical upstart for any human creature that attends truth from the relation with the cosmos has in every one life. It can be a deep feeling coming from the character directed to the front sense of understanding the standing importance of knowing by advance that the mind can be surprised by the visit of every engine of doubt even if it is a blue flash coming from the unknown skies that we know as blue. The fractals combine a multitude of motions, colors call for pleasant amusement as work done, save from the raiders of something unusual and a fortune to hold around our personal story which is involved with the cosmos, it was left to dream about as it is said but it exists.

Heating what is never enough matters the silent hours in which human energy is devoted to think, the self analysis as good counselor in the interest of the human map in the front line of the first underlined echoes in each notes presented as an element of real compassion, moving in own tempo with the equilibrium that you and me can find in the tense logic of the cosmos.

The way to turn the deepness of every feeling inside the movement in far galaxies is related with energy that both generate; the possible interaction with both of the differences is not known but is not time to go to the cosmos to travel or to escape in order to continue the slavery in other sources of life, it should be a relation based on love, then diplomacy which is in pain from what is read, felt, thought, lived in the human conflicts that should take a long breath from the inside to lead the relation with the cosmos with equilibrium and it is one of the reasons of the message of the sempiternal Pansexuality. The living relation with the cosmos can be a good seed in the outcome of human emergent energy; it must point a sharpened taste for intelligence spoken with the heart, never as fiction but in real level of desire for the sempiternal stability of the Universe.