There are no miracles in religious terms.
There are energies which circule inwards and outwards up in the universe and these produce and create motions of time as existence.
Here on Earth the combining of the inner power of humans and nature, could be the answer regarding the future.

The island is silent now

At the age of 12 I wanted to become a writer. Dued to my good nature, I did more than being the best Poet, Writer, Philosopher from my generation in Portugal; I became a healer and have dealed with a myriad of odd cases.




Si no tienes síntomas prostáticos, no es necesario que te hagas análisis del PSA (antígeno prostático). A los hombres se les recomienda, como prevención primaria, hacer ejercicio físico, no fumar, y comer tomates, soja y vegetales crucíferos (coles, rábanos, rúcula, berro, repollo).

Ufos in Portugal, 1980s

Early 80s the observation of two ufos was made by me and my father.

The Fiirstwas in Lisbon. A fast yellow blue Light has passed through the skies in about 2 to 3 seconds.

Then in the small Town called Escurquela a fast red Light object was Heading into the skies.