The reality of Spain

In 2008 on my way to Greifswald, I have stayed some time in Barcelona. What i could see, were dilletant people in ‘Station de Francia’. Some cycling, Young men dressed as women, independistas in the subway where i put my feet over their flag by distraction, many foreign people and among them, one aussie woman was translating as job from Google translator into someone in the city.

As for Madrid, i had to make sex with a physician from Madrid or i would sleep in the street. This woman which was my patient for 10 years, because of rape from her  father when she was a teenager. She tried to get her  speciality in Cascais Hospital and the monthly payment to the physicians order from Portugal was made by my mother. She was living a fake status and sold her  ovolus to ge t money. 

As for Galicia, after i have worked in the Land and been harassed by a supporter of pedophily i returned to Lisbon but spent one night sleeping in open air While a group of spaniards were drinking and eating like pigs. In Vigo the milk man tried to have sex with me and i was trown out from a place to hide from the cold. 
In Irun some robbers tried to Steal my belongings.