To my child who was kidnapped in Poland

I have seduced Zofia Dambek after 11 years of written correspondence through letters. then we decided to have a child. She came into Portugal where we had sex but at the first approach, I was trying to be prudent and picked up a condom. She said no, God doesnt not allow. After some time of thinking we had advanced and made it. She said that I was her first man. She was 35 in  April the 8th of 2009.

She returned toPoznan where she teaches at Adam Mickiewitz University.

She came again to know the city of Lisbon and we had more sex, thinking of our child but before while she was in Poznan, I ate cooked potatoes with boiled eggs for 2 months to send her money because her salary was of 400€.

We went together by train, a 3 days travel paid by my father.

In Poznan, I bought her the newspaper and flowers, wrote her letters. Sex stopped. She was on the phone, watching television or reading. I phoned one colleague of the University of the Portuguese department, some Grazyna, who was surprised by Zofia´s behavior.

After 5 months of loneliness in a room in her house, my rage came out, i smashed some things and returned to Lisbon. It was her male cousin who told me that she had a child. She has hidden it for 7 years.


From a father to the world.

Eduardo Alexandre Miranda Pinto