In one working day at a printing company, I was observing a phallic symbol on the Wall and remembered the words of the Greek philosopher Protagoras, who said that man is the measure of all things. At the end of the day, I went out to observe the spontaneous activity and found out some deep levels of a complex system on which everything worked according to a code. This code could be found everywhere, with live music performances, with actors, with people passing by, animal life societies, vegetal life performances, but exception goes for the mineral kingdom.
As preambule to this measure of endless chains, I will introduce my experiences with the emotional hate as language to the end of reason across the history of humans.
All my life I have given and given. My therapist said that she was making therapy with a couple and one of then had so much rage that she felt it as the decades of only giving.
Humble is the generous love at the first act of kindness, even if the currency of lucidity looses ground to ungrounded manners, habits and battles.
Syntropy explains importante measures around disctinct formulas based on energy. My system of mobility has angels but going ahead into the state of active hate when the repose of a body pushes hard to think aside thought, what is this portrait of humans? Its something which destroys agreements of pure truth in name of castles of genes as monarchs of hidden náusea. Spontaneous activity has commitments with surprises if one trait of the character has endownments of poetry in perpetual creative logic, alike galaxies or the explanation of life.
To edifiy a safe nest, we have to certify that the holding on inside the condolences into these genes, they preside the virginity of coral being and again taken away from life. What holds this stage of disorder? There are studies which present some facts to face. To verify these, we grab the limits of positive love, lingering around the mute walls of nature, waiting or predicting duty and duty is the engine of doubt.
All forms of warmth had contact with humans, thought of humans (even if the affection is replaced into animals or artificial ways of being alive in these matters). Once, one patient of mine was very alive on the phone early in the morning, I asked her if she had interacted with humans already. She said no.
To feel the poetic laces in nature with small societies exercising life, needs ponctual caring. To listen to humans it requires ultraendurance. What makes out of humans the complete sidereal identity of the doorway to life energy? Looking back at all forms of aggression within us, our features decay in this form where sadness grows. There are solutions but bankers don´t want that for private futures, even if the property of love is a commitment to syntropy but with a quick kiss.
One patient with a high dosies of Haldol, told me: Alexander, lets educate the people! He i sone good man, who knows is fate. I try to cheer him up, giving advices to surive, because we have seen the answer into spontaneous energy being taken. His solution is to endure, mine too. His father aged 87 is my best friend. I have solved his problema with 60 years of history. The herbal shop of Mr. Fausto Dias Monteiro. Mr. Fausto told me: Alexandre, the Money from the renting of my shop is for my funeral…
I saw one man playing violin, he was feeling his music, even sweating upon his curled hair. I was wondering if he needed 20€. Where I live in Lisbon, everyday 15 men ask me for Money and cigarretes. Where I live, people drink everynight, wacth television and even if no one stops to talk about the meaning of life in terms of its beauty, I have helped one woman from a sudden deep pain in her leg and she has never forgot. There was one episode where the house of a friend was being robbed and I called police, which kept his house safe.