The Literature Nobel laureate Albert Camus and the alcoholic Shane MacGowan defended or defend bulfighting and they are respected for it…

Chumbawamba never played in Portugal but they were on David Letterman show. The only rock or alternative band who didnt played there(Usa TV show) were The Felt.

The Portuguese modern Poet, Fernando Pessoa in the 30´s of the 20th century was a psychological case for the Psychoanalytical Community and his literary genius was fueled by alchool, unlike Wilhelm Reich who worked sober for humankind, nevertheless alone too. It is all in my publications.

  • As sociedades de advogados Miguel Reis & Associados e a Caiado Guerreiro, não têm fibra moral e ética, além de possuirem uma ridícula soberba e defenderem os ladrões que no meu caso constituiu-se no roubo de 2 contas contas bancária do meu pai por uma advogada psicótica.