Marxism led Soviets to slaughter their own kind and no one has ever learned on how in general terms, humans tend to destroy themselves everywhere in this planet. I recommend the reading of “200 years together ” by Alexander Soljenytsin for the Soviet case ( only available on .
As for Darwin, he was responsible to have instilled more high levels of competition for the 20th century wich led to 2 world wars.
Nowadays people continue to kill themselves and there is no organization which can save our lives. 

Lets schedule a new product for people to create the ultimate fate. Extraterrestrial life has learned well Earth’ s history, even if they dont visit us since the 80s of the 20th century. Maybe we are left alone in our games…

In 1989 in Portugal, I and some others have made prevention and protection of the Portuguese Forest. No one cared in that time about it. Result: 29 years later almost 70 people found death in Forest fires.

Besides that, two Portuguese ecological associations, namely LPN and Quercus didnt want to to end the Portuguese drought in 2018 with a arrogant deformation over Cloudbusting.


Do I stand alone again in my endless search for freedom?
Challenging their might, defeated? Falling helplessly away
Crawling from the wreckage, their destiny is my future?
I feel the coldness as I step out into their darkness
So I stand alone the same in my hopeless chase for freedom
Clawing, I call, I call out, but again, I’m never answered
You stand there in your lonely world, in your careless search for freedom
While we struggle on, you turn hopelessly away
Destroyed and recreated, our destiny is the future
Now I feel the warmth, as the eclipse is forced away