I am Eduardo, a Portuguese psychoanalist, author, teacher and a translator.
I came across Wilhelm Reich in the late 80s, altough the liberals have hidden the devices that Reich created.
I have read your book and my clinical practice took place between 1997-2017.

There was a young woman aged 19. She and me had intense sex but after sex she asked me if i thought that she was lesbian. For one hour during 8 months and after sex, i analyzed her with no results. She said always ‘ i dont have phantasies with women but i dont understand nothing of what you said’… I quit her. It was too exausting.
One female student of medicine in Madrid came to me saying that she had been raped by her father at the age of 12. Her behavior with other women was jealousy and possesion with men. She made some bondage sex and was never capable of loving a man. Now she is a physician around her 40s and after 10 years of therapy she cant talk about it.
One female student of architeture with nervous anorexia, spent hours asking me about how fat she was, on every form of her body. She was very intelligent and sensitive. I managed to give her a cinema career but in time i had no money to pay for food in dowtown of Lisbon so i quit my presence. Later her parents sold their house in the suburbs of Lisbon to pay for a surgery in New York. She could have died but she survived.
One male around my age was raised in a favela of Lisbon. He wanted to be rich no matter what that costed. I sent him to our high school library, talk with him, made camping with him.
He never loved a woman. Later he was addicted to sex. I used to go with him to the prostitution area to understand him. Told him once: tell me about your emotions! He said: your stupid! He had children from 3 women. He is rich by cheating.

There are more cases but just to give you an idea about psychoanalitic practice in the capital of Portugal.