Alex´s Statement

All my life since my passage at elementary school, I have given myself into the others generously, that was since 1977 till the present time. Met many bastards, saw death in my eyes, saw and tasted the emotional plague dragging me into stigma, even if for example 15 years of hard work with someone who is now a 40 year old body but in reality it has an 80 years old body. All my pupils, all the friends that I have made are gone,; family circle is only one person, the rest are all dead. I have survived. I feel a great sadness because I know that capitalism or a sort of inner escape from truth takes place while I struggle others eat and drink (happy and stupid). I have enemies due to jealousy. All that I have conquered came with my effort, my will power, etc. I don’t see any future for humans. Wilhelm Reich knew this very well but it continued working for humans, ending dead in prison.


This is the riddle on which I work presently.