My learning on Reichian Psychoanalysis was made in Nuremberg when I was 18 but the leader of the organization called Indianer Kommune is a long life term pedophile. Only in one difficult journey in 2008 into Germany with 5€ on my pocket, one old man told me, Ulli Rechte makes sex with male kids. I tried to inform police but no one cared neither Unicef, then I dived on Orgonomy till today but in fact no one could have show me honesty, in fact DeMeo for example is a right wing fascist who uses Wilhelm Reich name for his politic creeds.

As for my paternal family, they were hard workers in Brazil. Result, my uncle was killed in June of 1997. This summer her ex and his unwanted daughter came here to demand the apartment of my father. They are Iracema and Karine. They even look for me on the internet, from Belém do Pará.

The maternal family is to unwilling to express emotions, although they are friendly.

The political energy of capitalism is too strong but as for anarchists,  the process of learning from intrigues is the same as from fascists.

There is no single organization on which I can find my peers. My best friends are over 70.

Just to mention that the ex members of Indianer Kommune between 1986 and 1991, meet every year in a location called Carrasqueira in Coimbra district, Portugal.


Now its dawn, I have to face the camarero from whom I gave 4 years of money on the wrong side of the road in order to avoid him.